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Updated SpeedRunning Necro With Aura of Decay 0.8c


Build Overview

Pros Just scoot scoot along and watch everything melt.
Cons After Many Patches of Nerfs to poison, This pales in comparison to what the rogue can do.


  • Initially posted December 13th 2020. Viable for 0.8c.




Spirit Plague
Aura Of Decay
Soul Feast
Wandering Spirits


The main affix on idols you want is just more health. Flat or % Increased. 1x2 or 1x3 acolytes Doesnt matter.


Below is a Tunklab Gearplanner link that has been put together from the gear shown in the build video. This gear is not be min-maxed correctly but should give you a basic idea on how to get started.

Speedrunning AoD Necromancer Gear planner Link

Thanks, just what I was waiting for! You say a con is its not what Rogue can do, but can Rogue just run around without pressing buttons and have mobs melt?

I think its a playstyle choice, you have strengths you have weaknesses depending on how you want to play.

i meant the con in more of a DPS way than playstyle way. But yes i agree.

It was meant towards how poison and the necro/lich have gotten nothing but nerfs for the last year and then rogue comes and just blows all the dps out of the water.

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I hope they give Rogue (bladedancer mostly) minor nerfs and some buffs to other classes

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Also about this build, I’m wondering why adding bleed nodes? Poison is the name of the game for this build right, isn’t bleed damage kinda worthless?

Also why keep Hollow Lich and River of Bones? There’s no crit shenanigans anymore… Maybe I’m just dumb but I dont get your choices

The interaction between River of Bones and Hollow Lich is a bit buggy, Hollow Lich converts the “leech on crit” as well as the “minion leech” into the player’s increased damage.

River of bones gives 400% damage due to the leech of the minions being given to you as damage increase thanks to the node in lich.

Oh damn. I never realized. You dont even need minions, just have minion leech and you get increased damage thanks to Hollow Lich. Genius!

What about the Blood Tether node for Soul Feast? With Hollow Lich wouldnt it provide a nice dmg boost against bosses? The only con of this build is that its single target dps is not that high unless theres plenty of mobs to cast Spirit Plague on

it might be a boost of damage? it might actual leech lol i havent tested it. it might not work with hollow lich as theory implies. also drain life set up correctly is way more of a boss killer than soul feast. i just used soul feast cause it hasnt been used in so long.

Ah yes Drain Life ofc. Does the Stagger node actually work against bosses? It says when Drain Life has channelled for 3 seconds on a target, it stuns them for 2 seconds. It doesnt say anything about Stun Chance just flat out says it stuns them for 2 seconds like its guaranteed.

Also I did some testing, it seems like Drain Life doesnt benefit from Hollow Lich. I tested on the dummy, I do 822 dmg with no nodes in Drain Life. I took 30% increased life leech and still do same dmg. And yes you can actually leech from the Dummy, without Hollow Lich I’m getting my HP filled

Hello Boardman, thanks for the update for the build… Love it many thanks…

Can you run this from the start or do you need to level something else and switch to this build later?

AoD is deadly if not set up correctly. I would recommend running a minion build until level 60+ and switching over.

Something i didnt know at the time of this video is that healing effectiveness increased the amount healed by AoD So stacking 100%+ healing effectiveness can make it much more managable.