LE-65 error

Good catch, same issue here, my main got stuck in EOT with LE-65.
Can’t connect for 2 hours now

Welp… guess it’s time to get into new classes :slight_smile:

Same problem here

LE65 happen everytime I zone into End of time map

Can’t get into the game at all.

Same :-1:

The bouncer (LE-65) won’t let me in.

Same problem here! EU!!
This is bad!

same issue, i bought this time a few days ago, can’t get a smooth online gaming experience since then, most of the time can’t connect.

Also having this problem. I can never seem to be able to play this game. just hit lvl 26, but getting really tempted to request a refund if I keep not being able to play the game when I want to play it.

Same here! EU-West

(LE-65) can’t connect.

Yep, the same stuff. I got disconnected and cannot enter game after that. Before the disconnect, going into or out of the first camp was like 2-5 min loading time.
I guess more negative reviews on Steam will spawn.

me, too

Yup, End of Time literally ending my time rn. I was going to respec my passives and got stuck with LE-65 :c monoliths are fine and smooth, just don’t go to End of Time and you will be fine.

I have the same issue but it is with all my characters not just ones in monoliths.

Seems every new game lately has server issues… sucks.

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unfortunately it´s not only the one character in end of time…
tried to make another char… same problem

I switched from EU West to US East and got in first try (as of 22:00 CT). ~100ms up from ~25, a small price to pay for getting into the game.

Yeap, I’m getting it too. and tried everything, even changing servers. So the whole weekend was wasted trying to play a game that’s been released for 4 days plus. Well… Let’s see if next week the game we paid for becomes playable. What a cheap excuse to not spend the money out of the thought that things will quiet down. The amount of players they’ve lost because of this. Every complaint and negative review is absolutely justified.

Same here