LE 0.9 Causing AMD GPU Driver Crashes

I don’t post on forums much so please forgive my formatting.

Ever since the 0.9 update came out I have been experiencing several driver crashes that i have ONLY experienced with this game.

My PC:

  • AMD 7900 XTX GPU (1080 main monitor, 2 other monitors) Drivers up to date
  • X-470F Motherboard
  • AMD 5900X CPU
  • 48GB 3600MHz DDR4 RAM
  • Games stored on Samsung 860 EVO 2TB
  • Windows 10

I don’t get any kind of error but my PC reacts in 1 of 2 ways

  1. Sometimes the game hangs for a bit and crashes and my monitors flicker off and back on
  2. Entire system locks up but i can still hear the game

This has happened at least 5 or 6 times by now, no i dont get any kind of game specific crash pop up.

Hopefully some devs see this and we can help each other out making this game more stable.

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I just wanted to make a post too. Except my whole PC crashes (without blue screen or anything) and I need to replug power cable to be able to start my PC. This only happens with Last Epoch. I was watching Task Manager too and nothing unusual there before crash.

  • RTX 3080

  • AMD 5900x CPU

  • 32GB 3000MHz DDR4

  • x470 MSI Board

My drivers are all up to date and running Win11. I played previous patches too and had no issues. As of right now I can’t progress at all :frowning:
edit: This happened two times so far at the same place when fighting Elder Pannion (don’t know if that plays a role here).

Same here and very similar setup

  • AMD 7900 XTX GPU
    **AMD 5800x CPU
  • Windows 11

Yep same here, several hard crashing requiring a power cycle at random points.

  • 5800x3d
  • 7900 xtx
  • Gigabyte X570SI Pro AX
  • 32gb 3600mhz DDR4
  • Windows 11

Nothing reported in event viewer. Temps are all fine, plus can play other far more intensive games without issue

Just reporting in that I am also experiencing this. No indication of anything specific causing it. Happened 4 times total on my Sentinel (Fire Warpath Paladin) and once on my Acolyte (Summon stuff, didn’t get to choosing spec.). Once during a load screen, once just afk typing in Global, once mid combat while fighting, and once just running through town. Those are all the Sentinel crashes, and the Acolyte was in the wilderness, but not fighting. Just running.

Both of my monitors will go straight to black, GPU will kick the fans higher (but not as high as possible, just a bit higher) and the sound from the game will often linger for 5-15 seconds before going quiet and I cannot recover my PC without powering off using power button. The first crash was after about an hour of gameplay, the next 3 crashes were all about 30-45 minutes apart, and then I had one session that went for about 1.5 hours with no issues, and then the most recent crash was after about 10-15 minutes into a new session. I was also monitoring Task Manager very closely and holding a VERY stable 68-72 degree temp. Tried lowering graphics as well down to Medium across the board with the very same crash results, and zero visible spikes or problems before the crash hits.

Have confirmed this doesn’t happen with two other games. Diablo 3, which uses about the same amount of power, and Satisfactory, which uses a little more.

Really driving me crazy as I very badly want to play the new patch! Any kind of news on this, EHG? Just wondering if I should give up hope for now and wait for another patch to hit.


Intel i9-10900 3.70GHz
RTX 3080
Windows 10

Hello same here.
-Ryzen 2700 x
-GPU 4070 Ti
-Tuf gaming B450 Plus Gaming
-32 GB 2400 mhz DDR4
-Win 10

Same Problem, cant figure out what it is. Crashed 3 times on the same quest. Monolith lvl 80 Quest 2 every time at the horde of zombies close to the end of the Quest. resetting the graphicsdriver shift+control+win+b isnt working aswell. Fix pls
Player.log (127.5 KB)
There is my Player log. cant upload my Player-prev log for yesterday is more than 50 MB big.


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Got some changes now Im crashing every 5-10 minutes.
Good thing is I got other games. See ya after next PoE league. Ohh wait D4 is after that so perahaps in 6 months or so.

I’m experiencing the exact same issue, had ~6 crashes since thursday (70h playtime) and 3 crashes since the last 0.9c update, 2 within 5 minutes.

GPU: 7900 XTX
Driver: 23.3.1 (latest)
CPU: 13600K
Windows 10

Same issue here as well:
GPU: 7900 XTX
Driver: 23.3.1
CPU: 5800x
Windows 10

Same issue here; PC details below

Repro steps are inconclusive, its conjecture, but it seems like playing the sorcerer yielded the most amount of crashes.
DxDiag.txt (105.4 KB)

Inconsistent crashes on AMD GPU.
DxDiag.txt (96.6 KB)

Playing wolves beastmaster. Strangely fewer crashes during multiplayer than solo.

I’m using a 7900 xtx and am also experiencing these crashes to where my entire computer hangs, but the sound keeps playing for quite some time and I can still hear people on discord talking.

I cannot force windows to blue screen to create a mini dump :confused:

MPG Z390 Mobo
Corsair Vengeance 3600 mhz ddr 4 ram 32 GB
Game stored on a Samsung 980 NVMe Drive

I’ve experienced this issue on other games with this card (High On Life, Gears of War 5, etc) so idk what’s going on or if it’s something game-related. Either way I’m sadge.

“AMD software detected that a driver timeout has occurred on your system.”
HWInfo64 shows no heat issues on GPU.

AMD rig user here

R7 5700X
X470 Taichi
16GB xmp 3200mhz ddr4
Windows 10 LTSC

I’ve got similar problems but after my observations, the whole problem is with very unoptimized Unity Engine, because after some checking in the event viewer i observe one weird behavior.

Two errors are always along with after game freeze/crash and one of those error, which are generated is by LastEpoch.exe and UnityPlayer.dll module.
Exception code is 0xc0000005 with error offset always at 0x0000000000459e03.
I checked my event logger and have couple of those crashes, every single one is with same exception and error offset code.

The second error is caused by randomly one of driver dll or even an windows app. I think it’s random here, dunno why though, maybe the game picks what’s more tasty is.

I can’t game it on 1440p, even 1080p and windowed will sooner or later crash, it’s matter of time, no matter what settngs I’ll use.

And just for clearance, system free of corrupted files, fresh driver and visual redist installed, temperatures always monitored.
Checked with MSI Afterburner off, with stock settings on GPU - same thing happens. I know that my card isn’t failing nor overclocked CPU does, because I can play Division 2 for all day long and nothing bad will happen.

I can say for sure that game don’t like AMD rigs and I feel kinda ripped off from pleasure after so much waiting for multiplayer update.

For me that game is unplayable at all.

Same problem as people are saying here

Never had any issue’s playing but since 0.9 cant play more then 20min b4 it crashes…

Also using GPU: Radeon Rx 580serie (AMD), 8 GB Vram
CPU: IC i5-9600K 8 GB

No problems (so far) with other games

Same here -

Razor 5 CPU
GTX 1660ti
32gig RAM

This all started for me after .9e patch - I’ve had very little stability problems since I started playing at patch .8.1 and even since then I’ve made upgrades to my PC. Went from a GTX 960 to the 1660ti, 16gig to 32 gig RAM, etc. While monitoring my GPU though MSI Afterburner, before my game crashes I can see full GPU activity, and after anywhere between 1-5 minutes the game screen freezes and and all GPU activity drops - it goes idle, but I can still hear stuff in the background - I can actually still interact with the environment (I just can’t see anything) until either game crashes to desktop or I have to force close it.

no issues with other games, no issues running the Krombuster stress tester and other CPU stress testers - its a bummer that I cannot play at all.

Hey mate

I noticed this in your DxDiag.

Event Name: LiveKernelEvent
Response: Not available
Cab Id: 0
Problem signature:
P1: 141

This is indicative of a hardware issue. I can see a number of BlueScreen’s there too, which supports the evidence you might have a hardware issue.

Are you overclocking your 7900 XTX? If so, you might consider tuning those settings down a bit.

If not, consider other hardware you might have recently attached to your system, such as controllers or network cards.

Hope this helps.

Yo - are you sharing a computer with @kickz ? The DxDiag is exactly the same machine ID.

I did have quite a few blue screens prior to recabling my PSU and 7900XTX. There was a power delivery problem with my rm1000e PSU. But they were fixed on the same day I did the upgrade to the 7900xtx.

There still might be problems Im not aware of. Not sure where to start looking at this point tbh.

Thanks for the help