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Last Epoch's "Exclusive Fullscreen" is just a "windowed fullscreen" -> high GPU power consumption -> less FPS

Hey there,

I just want to mention that exclusive fullscreen mode doesn’t work right now ! And this results in additional fps-drops. (Don’t get me wrong. It DOES stretch the screen to borderless window, but technically NOT fullscreen mode).

To clear things up: If you play a game in windowed or windowed (borderless) fullscreen, the game is just “layered” over the desktop, so you can press the windows key or ALT TAB out, so the game won’t minimize… thats always the fact, in any game, that’s actually not in real fullscreen mode.
Therefore the GPU drains much more power and the game has FPS issues, because the graphics card simultaneously renders the desktop, too, at any time !

In Last Epoch there IS an option for “exclusivefullscreen”, but it simply doesn’t work. It’s actually the same like a “borderless windowed fullscreen” option right now, and no way to fix this as far as I could say.

PS: When you ALT TAB out a game using real fullscreen mode, the game WILL minimize. Due to that’s not the fact with Last Epoch, the fullscreen mode isn’t implemented right now. That’s causing lower FPS.

I hope this argumentation could clearly describe the problem. Thanks in advance.

Kind regards

Any news om that issue? I have the same problems. :frowning:

We’re aware of this issue but don’t have an estimate on when this will be fixed. However, in 0.7.7 you are able to limit the FPS of the game, including while it’s in the background, which should improve performance somewhat.

Yeah, I’m thankful for that patch. Like mentioned, the limited fps can help somewhat.
Nevertheless we will count on much better frames during gameplay, when the fullscreen mode is fixed in the future.
Hope you’ll address this issue with appropriate priority :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance and for working hand in hand with the community!
You’re awesome.

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