Last Epoch & Starforge Collaboration Giveaways - Master Thread

Well i’m not social media enthusiast but i hope the effort pays off for EHG, they deserve.
If you already have the game i just put my steam id and it worked. :love_you_gesture:


By Steam user name, does it mean display name, account name, or steam id? That’s potentially 20 entries thrown out if you guess wrong.



looks amazing and what a great idea

Using a ton of networks? Aaaand I’m out lol ^^.

Much love to you all at EHG but no.

Brah, finally I could play that game.

LE is what people need it their lives I recommended the game to all my friends and around 10 of them are joining me in this awesome gaming world thanks keep up the great work I know some people who can use new gear like that I just hope it goes to someone who really needs it ^.^

GLHF everyone. That’d be a damn fine PC to have.

omg DREAM setup pc, gl to all participants!!

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I gotta get me one of those!

Or try to make one myself.

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This is a great game. it, indeed, rivals Diablo IV easily!

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That pc looks super cool! I entered all my entries in for it :slight_smile: good luck to everyone!

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In the current environment of similar games
Attempting absolute values
This computer host looks good!

Actual cost of Machine is $2k. And only 1 is going to be won, if you agree to all terms of course.
I´m not entering. Anyway, GL.

So i get the entries for wishlisting, why isn’t there an equivalent entry for those that already own the game, I can’t wishlist an item i own.

I really like this game, I hope I can influence people in Indonesia to play this game if I have the right device. :roll_eyes:

But it actually does work!

Go through the process as if you didn’t already own the game. Click the “add to wishlist” button - for me it recognized that I own the game and granted the points for “putting it on the wishlist”.

That’s pretty cool