Last Epoch & Starforge Collaboration Giveaways - Master Thread

There’s one that resets daily to rack up the 14 entries it seems. Liking Last Epoch’s posts on Twitter once a day gets you entries. I’m the same where I don’t use Facebook or Instagram, so I’m limited by it, so it looks like they though of that.

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Yeah, I’m not a big fan of this. I mean, what audience are we hoping to unlock here? What’s one of the tasks for the 100 addition entries? Will I need to make a pilgrimage to the Amazon jungle and introduce LE to a previously uncontacted tribe? How about planting a LE flag on the dark side of the moon?


Likewise, I don’t do Instgram period, I don’t do Twitter period. I never have and never will do either of those.


I am not sure if the repeatable task coutns towords the 14 tasks.
It gives 1 extra entry everyday but how I understand it it doesn’t count as a individual new task every day.

Lets see how that works, I will see it in 4 days

I mean that is the thing, they just try to increase the reach with this kind of marketing and that is totally fair. Many of the people will probably participate even though they don’t have direct interest in LE.

But I am sure wit hthis kind of stuff it does spread around quite a bit, which will eventually put LE on a couple mroe peoples radar.

Here is the list of tasks

Yeah, I got the list of tasks. But, like you, I don’t wish to participate in the cancer(s) that are Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. So, I’m hoping I can get credit for my pilgrimage to the jungles of the Amazon, spreading The Word of Eterra to all the savages I come across during my travels.


Very very nice!!!

So if you already have the game on Steam just enter your Steam Username to get the 20 entries, no need to try and wish list it again

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Strangely, I disagree with you.
I say strangely because, as I don’t use social media, I am limited to 22 entries and will never get more.
Yet I think it is fair, 11H is putting quite a bit of money into artificially inflating their social media numbers, if I refuse to play the part, I don’t get the reward. Makes sense.
(Unless I win with my 22 entries, which would be deliciously ironic)

Just curious, how many times do we have to “like” posts on Twitter for that task to be completed?

Yeah, that’s confused me a bit too.

How? I can’t see an “add to wishlist” option like on games I don’t own.

oh wow there is some rose tint flying off my glasses

Holy shit. I dreamed of this ever since I supported the game on kickstarter all those years ago. I’m sorry, but my facebook was hacked, so I cannot fulfill your steps. But man I look forward to play the game

One of the tasks is to wishlist on steam, but i cant do that since i own the game already, does that count?

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Wow this is dope.

Only got 1 entry. Hope I win! xD


LETZ FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOO. this is a awesome collab and idk if i missed it or what, asmon didnt say shit on stream that i was paying attention to anyway! I really hope i can win one of these Works of art! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You don’t have to use Facebook or Instagram, you just need an account. I don’t use either, but I do have them for entering giveaways. If you don’t want to use your regular email, go to Gmail and create a new email account strictly for things like this.

I do not support anything meta does. (Mainly because of some people that are behind that)


cool waiting for the release