Last Epoch & Starforge Collaboration Giveaways - Master Thread

Greetings Travelers,

We’ve got some seriously exciting news to drop – Last Epoch is teaming up with Starforge Systems for an awesome collaboration, and it’s all thanks to you, our fantastic community! Your support has been nothing short of amazing, and it’s time to celebrate together. Over the next few weeks, get ready for some incredible giveaways and rewards – we’re talking Last Epoch-themed PCs, slick cases that look like they came straight from Eterra, and Platelights to add that extra cool vibe to your gaming setup. We wanted to show our appreciation, and what better way than hooking you up with some seriously cool gear?

This collaboration is all about you, the Last Epoch community, and we can’t wait to share these awesome goodies with you.

Over the next few weeks, these giveaways will be popping up on our social channels, partners’ spaces, and even in a few new places. To help you all get the best chance at scoring one of these amazing items, we will continue to update this thread with the information you need!

To kick things off in a fantastic way, we are giving away one of 5 decked-out PCs. This thing will come loaded with hardware, a sick custom Last Epoch print, and 5 interchangeable platelights, so you can rock your favorite class while you slay your way across time and Eterra.

Giveaway List

Giveaway #1 - Full PC, giveaway powered by VAST.
Dates: February 12th, Winner announced March 15th.
Link: Last Epoch | $3149.99 RTX 4070Ti Super Gaming PC -
Last_Epoch_V2 (812x456

Giveaway #2 - Full PC, Giveaway in collaboration with IGN
Dates: February 16th, Winner announced after April 4th
Restrictions - U.S. Residents Only

Terms and Conditions

Each giveaway will have its own Terms and Conditions.


LE is collaborating with Starforge

oh cool

Here is a list of tasks for you to get hundred more entries, such as liking our tweets not because you actually like them but for better chances

You do you EHG but no thanks.


This should become the norm and everything even when hosted on 3rd parties sites should at least get a notice on the official forum.

Looking forward to all the things you guys and your partners are giving away!


Awesome! Been playing this game for a while now since beta on a shitty laptop, looking forward to the release, and hopefully can score a new PC with a sick print.

any chance we can get a full spec list for the prize PC?

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holy goddamn. thats a beauty one!

I am generally not against this kind of marketing strategy.

Unfortunately I cannot complete all the tasks, because for 100 bonus entries you need to fulfill 14+ tasks.

This would require using Instagram and Facebook, which I do not have and I do refuse to support. (I do not support anything from Meta)

@EHG_Steve would it be possible to increase the number of tasks you can do or lower the requirement for the 100 bonus entry task, so you are not forced to interact with every social media platform in case you don’t have it/want it?


not to mention wishlisting a game you already own seems to not be possible? might be wrong but i havent figured it out so thats a fun one,


:scream: :scream: :scream:

It does work if you already own it.


do i just put in my steam name or is there a way to wishlist it still?

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US only or EU ASIA etc etc Not reading through all those terms and conditions add if region specific to the post.

If it is just US only, well you can go and suck eggs.


There is no region restriction. :slight_smile:


I just clicked on the action and used the Click Here hyperlink it redirects you to steam, if you are logged in and have the game in your libary you can enter your steam name and Enter.

That immediately ticked off the task for me

ahh okay i dont use browser steam so i just put in my name and hope it works :slight_smile:

Cool! Thanks

Happy to participate in this contest.
Happy to see all the hard work finally paying off for the LE devs!

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Thanks for the chance :slight_smile:

wrong, u can write anything and it will tick as done for wishlist, exept u will be voided so guess we all will be voided as it states before u do it. and no u cannt wishlist it if u own a game already

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I never win any of these things. Crossing finger because I would really need a decent PC right now and cannot really go for it while going for a mortgage :laughing:

Best of luck to everyone :slight_smile:

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