Last Epoch 1.0.1 Patch Notes

Never had ANY probleme with monolith since the biggining… now after the patch a cant load 2, 3 in a row without getting stucked in eternel loading … come on WTF …worst to worst … i love this game but … loadingloadingloadingloadingloadingloadingloadingloadingloadingloadingloadingloadingloadingloadingloadingloadingloadingloadingloadingloadingloading

lmao what the

where is the temporal dungeon bug fix? Still cant enter the room before the boss fight. Still getting lost connection crap. I WANNA DO DUNGEONS.FIX YOUR CRAP. THIZS IS A KNOWN BUG SHOULDNT BE TOO HARD TO FIX.

You can actually just log into Steam and when looking at LE it will have the “Download” that you can select and it works fine without closing the client or having to restart it.

Hey, thanks for the patch notes! What are the chances we get character customization

The eternal error le-65 is still unfixed, and I’m certain it won’t be anytime soon.

Hopefully some buffs for some Ascendancies soon

timeline? week? month? with the speed of the game and what is it about we are switching items all the time and interact with them, going from 140 fps to 100fps is still playable but imagine if someone is going with locked 60fps. it need to be fixed asap

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Thanks for fixing the controller bugs, I’ve noticed a major difference already! Got to level 72 and excited to see where this game goes. Great game soo far.

You must not know anything about a dual PC setup. Safe to assume most can’t afford this though. :slight_smile:

Thankyou for the update. Been a while since i enjoyed a great arpg.

Thanks for keeping on top of things!

Stop it with the insults, and the misinfo. You clearly arent very tech literate and shouldnt comment on such matters.

Sehr nice, tolle Arbeit… Macht weiter so. <3

Thanks for the updates !

holding down “Left Mouse Click” is equivalent to spamming “left mouse click”…

a left mouse click at a “transition point” will activate it/teleport you to the next zone.

To “fix” this, go to options, KeyBind setting and setup a keybind for “interactions”* to e.g. “F”

Solved for KB+M (~or play via Controller; hit “A” to transition)

Good update. Lots of work to be done still. The most pressing bugs for me personally are the enemy nameplates not showing up bug and the rogue Shift talent that restores mana not working at all bug.

Thanks for the update ! keep going

у меня точно такая же проблема, вот только я заперт в конце времен, не могу перейти в другие локации, не могу принять пати, могу лишь там разговаривать с нпц и бегать как призрак, 3 часа как написал пост мне даже ничего утешительного не ответили

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Has anyone encountered the problem of network connection interruption when challenging Julra?