Ladders | Coming in Rising Flames

Hello Travelers, and welcome to the first day of the Pre-Patch Hype week for Patch 0.9.1: Rising Flames!

Over the next week and leading up to the May 25th Rising Flames patch, we will be revealing and talking about most of the major features coming in patch 0.9.1. For today’s post, we’re going to be covering Ladders!


Ladders help provide a sense of progression and accomplishment. Whether it’s competing with other players or just setting benchmarks for yourself, ladders offer the opportunity to create a tangible mark within Eterra.

With the launch of patch 0.9, and the addition of multiplayer, we needed to change how ladders worked as the data they were working with had changed quite a bit, and we also wanted to support new and better features with our ladder system. In patch 0.9.1 we will be introducing the first version of the revised ladder system. In Rising Flames, you will be able to track and share your progress through the arena, marking your highest arena wave achieved either solo or as a group. One of the biggest things we wanted our new ladders to support was improved integrity. As such, Ladders will only be available for online play.


The new ladder will feature several categories for being able to track your progress against other players, and groups. While participating in the Endless Arena, each time you successfully complete a wave, your record will be entered into the ladder. The ladder is split between Softcore, Hardcore, Account Found, and Group Size. This means when comparing your progress against other players, you will always be looking at equal footing. You can also filter the ladders by Class to see how you stack up and see what skills others are running. Though to keep competition alive, full builds are not currently revealed through the ladder, so things like passive trees, skill trees, and exact gear setup can be kept as competitive secrets by participating players. With all these new ladders available, we’ve also redesigned the Ladder UI to help make it easier to navigate.

The full list of ladders that will be available with the launch of Beta Patch 0.9.1 is as follows:

  • Softcore
    • Solo (Account Found)
    • 1 Player
    • 2 Players
    • 3 Players
    • 4 Players
  • Hardcore
    • Solo (Account Found)
    • 1 Player
    • 2 Players
    • 3 Players
    • 4 Players

The Future of Ladders

We previously mentioned one of our goals for the new ladder system was to expand its abilities. While in 0.9.1, the ladder will only track Arena Wave progress, we will continue to develop this in the future. The new ladder system will allow us to grow to monolith progression, experience tracking, corruption tracking, events, and potentially much more. We’re very excited to be bringing ladders back to Last Epoch in 0.9.1 Rising Flames on May 25th and the future opportunities Ladders will provide.

Make sure to check back in tomorrow on our socials for our next Pre-patch Hype Week post, where we’ll be covering Towns in 0.9.1!


Can’t wait to hear about towns!


Nice, some gas for my competitive side, I love it.

I’d love some kind of toggle/filter to show only me and my friends so we can compare between ourself directly.


Corruption tracking does sound very cool, but I hope before that is on a ladder corruption will receive some overhaul.

The power between corruption scaling and individual Monolith Enemy Modifiers is way off, so that corruption is a good value to gauge right now


So very happy that you included ladders for different party sizes. Ya’ll are the best

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I can appreciate a competitive progression system. For full transparency, I’ve never once looked at my ranking in any video game environment so perhaps the following may come off as dismissive but it doesn’t invalidate it. Is this REALLY the best use of development time and developers’ resources. Multiplayer is still subpar, bugs and glitches are rampant, and both balance and engaging content is lacking. I get parallel design and I get slow rollout but I doubt highly this is the right time to trumpet a new feature like this while these other issues are present. Leaderboards are a niche content addition as is, servicing a very minor population of the player base. Please understand I’m not denigrating the addition or the work/workers involved, and when it comes into the game, I’ll welcome its addition and whatever enjoyment it brings for that section of the base but I’m absolutely sure there are better things to be focusing on.


Will there be an API for the ladder coming in 0.9.1 ?

CAN be kept secret as an option? Or WILL be kept secret for the time being? As in, if I get a decent spot on the ladder and I want people to see my build, is that a possiblity?

Whad’ja mean, @Heavy ?

Is it off in the sense that Corruption scaling is massively better than Modifiers? Is it the other way around?

I would much rather have some performance fixed to be honest. Going from -medium-ultra settings doesn’t seem to do anything really.
But going from medium-,low , is a big jump.
Tweaking other settings doesn’t seem to do much either.
Although I am happy to hear that ladders are coming , probably will just be for a small bit if the player base I guess.
But anything is welcomed :slight_smile:
Some core game tweaks would be awesome :sunglasses:
I’ll be happy for those who are interested in a ladder system.


I don’t really care about ladders but I do like that skills and such are hidden so that you don’t end up with 1000000 cookie cutter builds of everyone copying the top guy. Makes people figure more stuff out for themselves unless the person shares it.

Ladders are boring.


I mean that most of the difficulty comes from enemy modifers, which vary from echo to echo a lot.

The difference in difficulty between one echo and the next can be drastically different from one more or less enemy modifier. So much that an echo with difficult enemy modifiers can be a lot more difficult in low corruption compared to a “easier” enemy modifers in high corruption.

So e.g. soem echeos in 200 corruption can feel mroe difficult than echeos in 500 corruption.

Enemy modifiers do scale both with echo depth and corruption. Whiel corruption itself also gives unavoidable scaling as well.

My suggestion (which I and many others haave talked about in the past in various different threads) would be to lower the imapct of enemy modifers and increase the impact of corruption.

This way and echo on higher corruption should more often than not mean, that the difficulty is actually higher.


Well said. I started reading the ladder section thinking “wow, I so don’t care who has reached the highest wave” and started scrolling down hoping I’d see something interesting and it turned out that that was it :grin:

So many issues with this game yet they think it’s important to show who has the highest corruption or who reached the highest arena wave. One or two people will take the top spots and stay there for months anyway.

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IMHO Ladders are primarily for meme builds that push things in unintended ways. That being said, never hurts to have more options to look at for those that want to compete!

I’m happy for the arena players. But as someone who not only avoids arena, but absolutely loathes that mindnumbingly game mode, I would greatly appreciate some sort of monolith „ladder”, or dungeon „ladder”. For example, most monos completed with a single character in a season, or fastest T4 Julra kill, or the most gold spent in a Lightless Arbor vault – stuff like that.


Which is what they’re planning on adding…

Actually pretty excited for team ladders

I just want you to change the way you level up a character, start accounts that have already made history on the monolith.

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Especially with ‘broken builds’. IDK how many there are. When I took a char from 1-95 a month ago, there was a lich that buffed up to and maintained ~20k ward and killed the boss in 5 seconds. That doesn’t seem right.

Just last night I decided to play. again. That didn’t last long. Guy offered to kill a boss I needed help with. He killed the blood, frost & death-empowered monolith boss in 1 second for me. I just logged off after that.

But maybe these broken builds aren’t a priority. That’s what the players told me when I asked what is up. I mean, they’re farming tons of great items that they’ll keep in the final game…forever. It won’t bother most people, but not everyone wants to reroll new chars on every single season. Plenty of people like playing on the ‘old’ ladders with all their gear (talking about other games - no reason to believe this one will be the only one where people don’t do that.) But I mean, if people are farming 10x more than everyone else because they use these super builds, it just isn’t fun. I guess they really want you to play the new ladders! Because the ‘old’ ladder is already tarnished IMO. I won’t be wasting my time trying to keep up with people who loaded up doing stuff like this so easily :confused: