Lack of difficulty

Played for 18 hours:

Fun classes.
Fun items.
Fun skill trees.
Fun builds.
Fun and fluid combat.
However, the extreme lack of difficulty just completely kills the game for me.

Played more.
After getting to 70+ monoliths the difficulty is fine.
The campaign and first tier of monoliths are far too easy, though.
As in they are off putting to new players to the point they’ll quit the game before getting to 70+ monoliths.

Quit playing due to lack of difficulty. Even 90+ monoliths were too easy and the gear you start getting makes the game easier again at 90+.
Really a shame, the game is so fun to play and classes/gear is fun but you have to grind easy stuff for far too long to get to the hard.

It’s also character bound, so I have to grind every character for 100+ hours just to get any challenging gameplay?! That’s absurd…


After 18hrs I am pretty sure you havent gotten into endgame yet - most of the challenge comes then with Monoliths and Dungeons for proper bosses and farming for choice items.

The campaign stage is generally accepted as being easy.

Another side to this observation is that the game is in Beta and the devs have already confirmed they will be running a balance pass when the content is done to handle things like difficulty/progression and other general balances. Hard to do that now with everything still changing as much as it is, and missing content/character masteries.


18 hours is a lot of time.
I shouldn’t have to play a game for 20+ hours to get to difficulty.

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On the other hand, 18 hours isn’t much time at all.

How many classes have you tried? How many did you get to Mastery of? How many of those Masteries did you play long enough to get a good feel for? Did you play solo and without guidance, or did you look up a video and follow it to the letter? How much time was spent standing around chatting and not actually doing anything?

Eighteen hours really isn’t that much time, and no one outside of the FROMSoft fandom wants to be lambasted as soon as they start a game.


18 hours is nothing in the grand scheme of things. Have you even finished the main story yet? Did you bounce around classes? There are power spikes around 30 and 50, then a larger one when you start the actual end game of monoliths. 18 hours is just tickling the surface of an ARPG.

Out of curiosity, was that 18 hours on just 1 character or spread across several? What is the furthest you got?

The devs are well aware of the lack of difficulty in the campaign and will give it a balance pass at some point before release.

Well if the’s skilled 18h is enough to reach empowered monos and if he had some lucky drops and the defenses in place he might even find emp monos easy.

Quite possibly, but he said classes (plural) & builds (plural), so I assumed that he’s played several & probably hadn’t power levelled up to empowered monos as fast as he could.

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Came here literally no more than 6 hours after buying the game with a friend. We’re playing COOP and we’ve already uninstalled.

I don’t care what anyone has to say here - me and my friend play all our games on the highest difficulty right from the start and this game is MIND NUMBINGLY EASY.

Some of the posters here are, in my opinion, flat out condescendingly rude. 18 hours is a massive amount of time to dump into a game if you’re hating every bit of it from the start because it’s SO EASY.

“18 hours is nothing in the grand scheme of things” - sorry my dude but 18hs is almost HALF the play time of an average game. Yes this is an ARPG and can see hundreds if not thousands of hours; but guess what - I’m not wasting my time spinning my wheels, destroying my brain with boredom to see if it will eventually suit my tastes.

Negative review left.

Wont be coming back until serious adjustments are made.
Game sucks - do better, waste of money.


After only 6 hours in an ARPG that hasn’t even made it to final release yet? That’s pretty harsh. The game is great for something that is still in beta and getting better all the time, so why not give it a chance (which you apparently didn’t).
Yes, 6 hours of your life were given but how many hours have you put into other games? If you did the same thing then you must’ve not enjoyed any of them and never made it very far. If you spent a lot of hours in them, then 6 hours on a beta isn’t much.

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Lol… 18hrs is but a fetus my friend.

Thats barely enough to get warmed up in an ARPG like LE… :wink:

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Then why pray tell did you bother to create a forum account for this posting?

6hrs barely scratches the surface of the game… Thats barely even completing one char in a rushed run through.

In the games defence tho, its Beta and its well known to those of us who have been around that the game is easy in campaign stages and the devs have confirmed that they are gonna run a difficulty/balanace pass when its closer to being done…


Trying out some other characters and builds, and the games even easier with certain builds. I can’t stomach making it through the campaign a second time.

The second I get to the imperial era I’m running around 1 shotting everything with 1 button press and bored to tears.

I have yet to gamble or even interact with the forge, a huge progression system - and I don’t have to, because the game is so easy. Why was so much time and effort spent on a system you don’t even need to interact with unless you’re 0.0001% of people pushing the highest end content? Makes no sense. I should need to use the forge to make it through the campaign.

You can make all the excuses you want for “its a beta”, but an overtuned PvE game is better than an undertuned one where people quit from boredom. I don’t even need to test gambling/reforging because they aren’t needed, and I’m sure most people don’t touch those systems at all before they stop playing. That makes it hard to beta test the game when people are ignoring key features with lots of depth and complexity.

Please up the difficulty off “autobattler mobile game”, thank you.

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Dude, calm the farm.

You think its too easy after only playing a few hours. Ok, we know its easy in the early to mid stages and we agree its too easy. BUT. it does get harder, much harder and more grindy from late to end game.

Thanks for the feedback.

You are obviously new to the ARPG scene then if you think 18 hours is a long time. Hell most games are well over 18 hours for completion. I honestly don’t remember the last game I bought that you could finish it in less than 30 hours. The fact that you rage quit after 6 hours just shows how your opinion on games is irrelevant. Also leaving a negative review after 6 hours play time, nobody will take anything you say serious. All I can say is don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out .


Most people won’t get there because (As seen above) they quit due to boredom. That’s bad for beta testing.
It doesn’t take time to add a *2 or *3 to the end of every non-boss HP scaling formula 1-60.
You could even code an HP slider into the game to allow people to adjust the difficulty how they “want” it, for the duration of this beta.

My friend tried playing maelstrom druid but due to me 1 shotting all mobs the entire class design fell apart and he couldn’t even get stacks. I tried shadows rogue and same thing, things die too fast to actually get shadows out. Entire builds design do not function in a game with so little mob HP.

Also, 18 hours is a lot. 1 hour of my time is worth $25, for example.

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If you want difficulty quickly (within hours), arpg is not your genre. Even then difficulty comes from equipment check, oneshots and knowing bosses moves. Arpgs are not about skillfull play.

That being said you are right that LE is slightly on the easier side right now. Not by much though, I recently played PoE which is known “difficult” arpg and campaign is the same, 10-20 hours (if first time) of easy moving forward, only bosses can one shot you, which is different kind of fun.

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The whole point of the early game is to tear through mobs, learn the game, and create builds. To test things out, and swap things up. Like even in PoE the early game is easy as hell too, same with D2, D3, and D4. Nobody wants an absolute slog to kill mobs early on, that is just boring as hell.

Nobody cares what your “time is worth”. There are no real good games out there that can be completed in 18 hours, outside of smaller Indie games. Gaming in general takes up a lot of time, and ARPGs are notorious for taking a lot of time. I have 176 hours in this game and even that isn’t very much to see the whole scope of the game.


I disagree that there’s a lack of difficulty. Over all, there is a lot of stuff in the game that can kill you, even with ridiculous defense stats. That might not be true for a capped-out Sentinel, but it is definitely true for the rest of the classes.

What I find more questionable is why and how some of the stuff in the game can kill you. For instance, when traveling down and to the right or down and to the left, your field of vision is narrowed to where things can agro to you and start attacking you long before you can see and interact with them. If multiple scalebane saboteurs attack in the same spot as you’re coming around one of these blind corners, you’ll get hit for enough damage to be stunned most likely and then frozen in place for the second round of attacks. This will kill a great many characters and builds. And there are similar situations throughout the game on various maps, sometimes where terrain in the foreground makes it impossible to see and react to things as they come on screen. Sometimes there’s so many concurrent AOE’s on the screen that you can’t dodge all of them. This can easily happen with certain spire echoes in Empowered Monolith. I would say all of this is technically difficulty, but difficulty for the wrong reasons.

But the Empowered Monolith and key dungeon bosses can kill you, which means the game stays challenging at least in that way. As long as something is challenging and also fair, I’m fine with it. I don’t like the degree to which certain ARPG’s become all about waiting to find the one enemy that can one-shot you on some specialized high-difficulty map and then that is the only challenge that exists. Having enemies and bosses where you have time to react, plan and dodge things is what any good action game should be about even at end game. Last Epoch, over all, walks that line pretty well.

A lot of people responding to this post with random strawmans that make no sense.

I completely agree with you, the game is braindead easy, 6 hours is quite a lot of time wasted for people who actually has a job and dont live on welfare. And to respond to the people that claim that end-game gets harder… it actually doesnt. The normal monos are just as braindead easy as the horrendous story and empowered monos are only hard if you have a trash build.