Lack of Avatar Customization Will Lose You Players

The only time I played an assasin in D&D I told everyone and their mom that I am a simple Rogue 100% of the time. Bad example ant I use it to nitpick just for the lolz :smiley: . I get what you mean but in the groups i played with everyone identified with the class they sticked most to. My Barbarian is still my Barbarian no matter what multiclass says. On the other hand I had a barbarian who thought he was a mage and a bard because he inspired other people tostuff done instead of beeing wrung out like an old sponge. I think this is highly subjective.

From my point of view I always call the archtype first like “I play a Sentinel” whenever someone asked me what class i play. When someone asked me what mastery I play I say “I play Paladin”. To me the Sentinel class is the groundworks the masteries are built upon and there is no way you simply forget that you’ve been a Sentinel first aftter you pick a mastery. but that’s only my point of view for clarification.

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That is true, but I guess it depends on the person. To me, when I choose my subclass, that’s what I become. So if I subclass to thief, I’m a thief, not just a rogue. I’m also a rogue, but what I am is a thief.
Likewise for professions. If a doctor specializes and becomes a neurosurgeon, they’re still a doctor. But if you ask them they will most likely say they are a surgeon. Just like I started as a computer tech and then specialized into programming. I’m a programmer now, not a computer tech.

True but they can respec if they want into a different masterie as well :wink:

Not in the way you’re suggesting. Just because a former surgeon wants to become an oncologist, for example, they don’t forget the surgeon parts. They would, in fact, be multiclassing. Respecing masteries in LE would be like a surgeon suddenly forgetting how to do surgeries in order to learn oncology. Also, that’s a different thread.

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play a diifferent game cause none of the skills look or function that way

modeling is icredibly complicated. “Meshes and textures are fast to create and easy to implement” no. the fact that its not sory driven and that you bvarely ever see your models in deatil beyond the start screen makes all the effort it would take irelevant

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This isnt twitter in case you got confused.

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I’m confused now…

Sadly this this is the case for my wife, for myself I couldn’t care less about what my character looks like. However she cares deeply about that sort of thing and because of it is limited to 2 class types that are the females. Which is causing her to simply lose interest simply due to her characters gender… As most of the classes she would play in other games are locked in as male characters.

I hope they simply allow one to pick the gender of the character, male or female. I don’t even think they need to add much more than that (actually a hair color would be required per my wife).

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I will say that I will play Last Epoch regardless of character customization. I def wish though that there were just a few faces and skin tones. Different faces and a skin tone slider seem pretty easy to implement without having to re-design gear to fit body types.

How dare you! Telling the toons what genders they are!

On the more serious side. if you ask your wife if she would wait another year untill the game releases or play it on the 21st what would she say? I like a practical aproach where stuff like customisation is getting into the game later on or the removal of genderlock for example. I think all the needed changes to make customisation possible and to remove the genderlock will take a serious ammount of time and work.

She is playing, however she is just locking herself into the 2 female classes only. Which makes me roll my eyes tbh as I know she would love the Druid and Mage classes a ton.

I’m my head, every time my Mage casts a spell, she shouts, ‘IT’S MA’AM!’. And her purpose in the game is to destroy all the npcs that are mis-gendering her.

Avatar customization is actually a thing many people care deeply for, as proven by years of heated discussion about it. I do believe and hope it’ll eventually come, thus far I’ll consider myself lucky in that I enjoy the fantasy of an old mage and a… druidy druid, while not caring for the other classes much.

That being said, PoE comparisons do not stand. In PoE, you can play the same fantasy on different characters, with very few exceptions, and with different pros and cons - I’ve played the same exact fantasy (RF) with a trickster (young male), an elementalist (young female) and a hierophant (old male), with equal degrees of success. That’s point one.
Point two is that you can make your character look like anything, making the gender and age of your avatar a non-issue - hell, all of my characters look like the Elder (an eldritch abomination with tentacles, for those not familiar with the game) because I’m a huge Lovecraft fan. And that’s just one example, there are cosmetics for just about any absurd fantasy, so people are free to don whatever guise they wish (for a price). LE currently lacks that degree of customization (which is also what fills PoE’s coffers, people love to say that most people only buy stashes in PoE but never have I ever saw a hub without an angel, another kind of angel, at least a couple of demons, a lich, some blood abomination, a lovecraftian abomination, a skeletal pirate &c.), so the comparison quite simply does not stand.

I do understand there are other priorities before launch, obviously. PoE didn’t launch with the amount of cosmetic option it has now, either. Still, I stronly hope LE will follow a similar route, while hopefully also adding more customization options for the avatar as well aside from transmogs/cosmetic MTXs. And that’s because I want the game to succeed, nothing more, nothing less.

P.s. since I mentioned PoE, I’ll also mention D4. It succeeds in one field: maintaining revenue despite being a disaster gameplay-wise. That’s in part because it appeals to a very different and broader audience, granted. But to claim that character customization doesn’t play a big part there too would just being disingenuous, and that affects “casuals dads” and the “sweaty & disgruntled”. Because what is it that generates revenue among the casual D4 players? Cosmetics. And the casuals are those who stay and play over a longer period of days, as opposed to people like who complete the seasonal journey in 3 days and only go back to check whether a patch did something good, and/or for events.

Specifically post #20.

I guess it would be “nice to have”, i am honestly one of the people that click finalize and then never really care to much. But we are all different, and i agree that something like this should be available in someway hopefully in the future!
I will say that i hope gameplay, graphics, and endgame is abit higher on my tier list to work towards first.

Agree. Adding to this I would like to play a white paladin and also a black druid. I would like to play males instead of females. You might say it is racist or whatever -ist I do not care, but it is pisses me off that all games need to be so enlightened and woke. Yes I am eastern European and we have rich history of knighthood and no we did not have black knights (or population at all - no slaves, no guilt). Knighthood comes form Europe in the middle ages and not form Africa. On the other hand I can easily imagine to play an African shaman/druid. And please do not come to me with ‘oh it is a fantasy world and not a historical game,’ bs I do not care. We having enough of this crap on Netflix and Disney. So I hope I was clear and you guys (DEVELOPERS) take it as a constructive criticism on ideas and not against any race, gender or ism.

Interesting take on the subject with lots of unnecessary salt. Let me ask you one question:
Since you don’t seem to be interested in listening to other people’s arguments and trying to understand their position, why should anyone listen to yours?

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