Item Roll Information (Tier/Range)

I’m sorry if this problem has already been listed somewhere in the Forum, i couldn’t find anything about it.

Is it possible to add an option in the settings where you can toggle to always enable ‘‘Crafting & Item Roll Information’’ (ALT+CTRL by default if Auto-Compare Items is disabled)?
If so, can you make it that by holding just CTRL the item in the inventory that you compare with your equipped item will already show all the stats and tiers/ranges?
You can also only see the Tiers & Ranges from the item in the inventory that you compare with the equipped item by holding CTRL+ALT, i would like to see Tiers & Ranges on both items.

Currently it looks like this: (i copied this out of a ‘‘bug report’’ i made yesterday)

Auto-Compare Items disabled
Only item in inventory is shown by hovering mouse over item

  • ALT Mod Explanations (works)
  • CTRL Compare Items (works)
  • ALT+CTRL Crafting & Item Roll Information (works)

Auto-Compare Items enabled
Both Items (in inventory and equipped one) are shown by hovering the mouse over inventory item

  • ALT is showing Crafting & Item Roll Information
  • CTRL is doing nothing (Shows only the item)
  • ALT+CTRL & CTRL+ALT is showing Mod Explanations

By adding this new option that i mentioned in the beginning, you only have to hold CTRL while hovering the mouse over inventory item to compare both items with alrdy Tier and Range details shown. This would make ALT+CTRL and CTRL+ALT interactions useless.
So then you only have left:

  • ALT for Mod Explanations (example: Void Resistance - ‘‘Reduced all void damage you take. Capped at 75%’’)

  • 1.) Holding CTRL for Compare Items (if Auto-Compare Items has been disabled) to see both unequipped and equipped items with full information
    2.) No need to hold CTRL for Compare Items (if Auto-Compare items has been enabled) because both items are alrdy displayed with full item roll information while hovering the mouse over inventory item.

Makes it a little bit easier, and you don’t need to have 4 different keybinds (ALT / CTRL / ALT+CTRL / CTRL+ALT) to interact with items. So we only need 2 (ALT & CTRL).
What do you think?

I’m not sure I quite understand. From the sounds of it, everything is working as intended at the moment. The auto compare setting simply inverts the control button’s functionality in regards to item tooltips.

Also it shouldn’t matter which order you press alt and ctrl in, it is only checking which are held, not in which order they were pressed. I think we only have 3 combinations, not 4.

With those in mind, what is the problem? Are you basically asking for a toggle that always shows the full details? This probably won’t be the default functionality as it can make some tooltips really long and once you’ve read it a few times for an item, you probably don’t need to see that info by default.

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My apologies Mike

This made it clear for me, i was just thinking stupid about the whole ‘‘Auto-Compare Items’’ on/off situation.
So the only question left is basically, if its possible to see Tiers & Ranges on both items (item in inventory where my cursor is on, and the equipped item)?
Because currently when i compare both by holding CTRL+ALT i see the full details on inventory item but only the normal display on equipped item.

I would like to see this feature implemented as well. When I am batch crafting items to get an upgrade on mid-tier gear, it would be useful to be able to compare the tiers of mods on my new piece in the crafting pane with my currently equipped item.

Currently, I can compare the items and their mods by mousing over the unequipped item, but holding down my key to show more details only shows them for the cursor target, not the equipped item.

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