Instead of auto loot affix, how about a keyboard button to AOE loot shards near the player?

No. Shako was an unreasonably powerful item that you could slap onto basically any build, requiring no thought or tradeoff of any kind. That is absolutely terrible design. The answer to “Should I equip this item?” should not always and automatically be “Yes”, regardless of character class, build, and other equipped items.

It sounds from reading everything you’ve said like what you want is just “Diablo 2: Except Not Called That”. That’s totally fine. Different people are allowed to like different things. But I’ve already played D2 extensively and I don’t want to play it again, which is why I’m here on the LE forums and not d2jsp. I want to play something new and more interesting - in substance, not just in name. If what you want is D2, I am glad that Blizzard gave you D2R and recommend that you go play that.

We had that item already, in a shield everyone complained about until the nerf bat beat it senseless.

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Problem is that the game should be fun for at least 100k active players or more not only for current 600 … thats like players base of some forbiden mod of some mediocre game not the AAA rpg.

They should also cut the campaign in half not making more of it. I done it on 5 alts already and that was more then enough. Then the timelines rifts and the one boss which drop like one same ring over the and over and nothing else I had like 15 of the same rings for what for?
There are plenty of issues which needs works to improve overall experience. Lets assume multiplayer patch gets hype and birng new players so the game should be at top shape.

And just to remind you D2 res is still top rpg on market, last ladder was played by 500k players when I hit lvl 90 I was like number 30 000 on leaderboards and I played 12 hours a day.
Le should wish to be more like D2 and less as D3, D3 is fail.

You do know that LE isn’t a Triple-A game, right?

I agree. For example, before trying to measure itself against D2, LE should be feature complete, not be in Early Access, have a ground-breaking predecessor in the same franchise, have had multiple decades to build a fan base, and be able to tap into nostalgia to inflate its popularity.


D3 set records for being the fastest selling PC game at the time of its release, and was the best selling PC game of that year. It sold a total of 30 million copies between the base and the expansion. That sounds like a success to me, especially since it sold almost as many copies in its first 24 hours as D2R did in its first 6 months.

It’s fine that you didn’t like D3. I didn’t either. Just like every game, it’s not for everybody. Calling it a failure, however, is absurd to the point that it makes it very hard to take your opinions seriously.


Imho Le sell well over the years developers got much bigger, but for many ppl its just released its out and playable so everyone can try and test, its not closed beta, it is game for sell. No need to hide behind it. Need a lot a work and more end game content and fix the itemization to at least be better then D3 which is not hard task.

Ofc D3 has one of the best hype of the gaming history mainly due to D2 reputation, Even I was hyped as hell. I play every season from vanila, but its fun for week that game has zero depth and zero content only repetive rifts and bounties, everyone knows that. Le should be better.

I was talking about difficulty picking loot up for controller players - not for mouse users(though I allways use mouse). I already know about filters and stuff. A loot vaccuum would be rather useful for controllers I imagine.

Perhaps you missed the part where I mentioned having to READ shards, it takes a few seconds to read a clump of shards on the ground and less than a second to just click it - and if you are rushing through monos you do not have the time to even look at the shard you are passing before either picking it up IMMEDATLY or using a movement skill. Meanwhile due to loot filter you could judge the gear that drops at a glance WITHOUT reading it.

Because of all this, you will either find yourself picking up what you do not need, or missing affix shards you DO because you do not have the time to read them, depending on the shards you need you may need to go shard farming - and relying on shattering gear for affixes is not so useful if the affix is particularly rare. The lack of autopickup on affix shards makes this especially troublesome as you need to actually click on the shard.

I didn’t miss it. It just wasn’t relevant.

Shards are abundant. If the only way you engaged with them as drops was to click on nearby ones as you run past them to wherever you are already going, you would still end up with more than you actually need unless you’re being reckless in your use of them. Spending time trying to read and pick up all shards that drop is simply not efficient. It’s just giving the reins to FOMO.

It’s the old joke about Bill Gates dropping a $100 bill and not stopping to pick it up because the time he’d lose from the diversion is worth more.

Which makes it far more prudent to engage with rarer affix shards by setting a loot filter early on that highlights those affixes on items you would otherwise pass by, so you can see them reliably at a glance and be able to accumulate them more easily through shattering.


I know I’m coming off a bit argumentative and I’ll own that. But in all sincerity, you’re frustrated with a thing, and I’m trying to help you get to a perspective that will improve your ability to enjoy playing. They’re not going add an auto-pickup for shards. You’ve got to play “Yes, and” with that reality. If it’s unavoidable that you have to pick up shards, and the way you’re viewing and engaging with that system right now is an annoyance for you, the only option for reducing your annoyance to change how you view and engage with it.

Uniques aren’t the BiS items for the most part, they’re niche & unless you need a specific thing for a specific build (eg, the Squirrel helm for a Squirrel build), a good exalted item is probably going to be better.

IMO, I disagree, there shouldn’t be any uniques that are always wanted for every build.

It was gently caressed by the nerf tickle stick. You can still block everything and it’s dog, you just get a bit less hp on block.

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I don’t know… 8-14% less dmg taken vs 8-14 hp on block is quite the nerf :wink: But…semantics…

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True, I’d forgotten about the less damage taken, but its still the best possible shield by a ridiculous margin.

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I don’t ever read any tags on the ground regarding shards or glyphs or runes. Just recognise “oh, there are shards” and click them. You can’t select what shards to pick up either. When they are within a certain rang they get sucked up anyways. So why read?

Just click all shards instantly and send them to stash when your inventory is full.


Why would you do that? Just curious.

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Prior I didnt really care about this after being trained by PoE for 10years to pick up loot. Ever tried to pickup loot using a xbox controller replicating a mouse? its difficult but its doable. I have done it for years and still play PoE this way

Torchlight Infinite has it pretty spot on regarding auto loot

You get a free pet which loots:

Low tier Embers ( like shards) will not loot high tier Embers, you need to loot them

Low tier cards will be auto looted which are pieces of an item

Low tier craftng mats that drop every few packs a screen away behind you is NOT looted which is irritating but you have a nice pickup radius and a pickup key, so its definately helpful

Theres also a pet you get with the Season pass which also loots mid tier shit, but not high tier. I dont even have this. This forces you to know what you are at least picking up at first, doesnt loot gear. Not seen a single complaint about the looting system at all, infact PoE people are praising it

Frankly im sick of developers wasting my time when they set the stupid rules in the first place. Theres CLEARLY either too many shards that drop OR too little are being consumed during crafting meaning we are overflowing. I think ive collectively looted 80,000 shards in this game but at the same time that person needs to switch out of that habit of looting a currency with an infinite storage you have been trained to pick up for ‘x’ time. This game needs a global wipe desperately

What the logical thing to do is when you have too many of something you FILTER IT OUT

if you actually wanted to please everyone you add an option to have auto loot of shards/gylphs of low tier, if you dont like it …dont use it? Seems rather sensible

GGG are seeing it now, the mass exodus from Kalandra and the game because people are so sick of their shit from the myriad of issues looting is one of the core. People have RSI from this game

a vision of pure hell however in this screenshot in a few days of a league ill loot most of that, from week1 onward its ALL hidden and nothing would show however if I had auto loot I would take it as I have no reason not to as I can store it/use it later/trade it

Or if it all got sucked up when you click on one shard.

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I don’t understand developer’s obsession with forcing players to click on basic items that drop in large quantities, over and over again in many games.

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There are hundreds of sources online (usually on game dev discussion websites) that go into the psychological aspects of all of this. Your post sent me down a rabbit hole to articles of various level of quality & depth discussing all aspects of loot in games. Quite a few mentioned the “click” as purely psychological and subconsious “interaction” with loot - the click is supposed to be “better” than ignoring loot or not finding any.

not my area of expertise - definitely dont know enough to have a discussion about it - but I’d recommend getting a coffee and reading a few - they are interesting - and in some cases pretty negative when you consider they (the devs) are trying to push your buttons without you realising at every available opportunity. most of us veterans know this already, but its unpleasant in black and white.

all this fuzz about an easy task that is looting shards ? As it is not easy enough ?
c’mon, 1 click and you get all the shards on the ground, to me its great the way it is today. I actually like the sensation of clicking at least 1 time to get it.

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Fixed that for you. Devs want the player to interact with the game, be that killing mobs or picking up loot and that involves clicking. You may disagree with where their threshold for automation/“QoL” sits but if it gets pushed too far down the automation direction it becomes an afk/autoclicker game, not an aRPG.


It is not fixed. Looting basic items in large quantities is more annoying as I´m older and older. PoE is worst case in this scenario. You can kill most enemies with one skill on whole screen especialy in ARPG and clicking on loot take longer that killing.

Best new feature was gold autoloot in D2R for me.