Instead of auto loot affix, how about a keyboard button to AOE loot shards near the player?

The game is fast paced and stopping every time to pick random shard is so annoying they drop from every second monster. That should be proper auto loot with big range with option on/off for ppl who like to play as masochists.

You shouldn’t be stopping to pick up every random shard. You absolutely drown in shards for all but the most rare of affixes. For those, it’s much more practical to focus on using loot filters to highlight items with those affixes so you can shatter them.

If you start fresh as it will be with multiplayer patch you will have zero of them and I dislike loot filters I never set up anything to my liking and checking every item is so annying. I really dislke itemization in this game but the gameplay is fun.

The idea to spend hours to set up loot filters for each of my 10 alts where everyone needs different items is not nice.

Best itemization is still D2 by far … you check rare and grey socketed items and green sets and uniques … in last epoch yellow just drop from sky all the time like whole screen and everything is crap … terrible itemization … tired of checking all items on the ground

Yes, and you will very rapidly stockpile more than you need even just casually picking them up. Even then it’s overkill to pick up every shard.

You could solve that problem by using loot filters, my dude. That’s why they exist.

LE’s loot filter system is very easy to learn and use. You’d have to be doing some really complex logic for it to take actual hours to set them up, even for that many alts. You should give it a try. I bet you’re spending way more time and frustration checking every item all the time than you would if you set up even a few basic filters to reduce what you see.

You seem really determined to make it harder on yourself than it needs to be, though, so I’m not sure how to help you.


I lost all my saves due to hard drive failure, and have collected about 9k shards on a single character at lvl 96. And that’s with a fairly strict filter, that hides all loot not for the class, so I’m not even shattering for rare shards for other classes.

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Disagree, they remind me of an angry dev on a blow off account

He’s really not, he didn’t called you entitled on the sly, for example.

It has been suggested before.

Indeed, it absolutely is, and when enough people ask for something that the devs have previously said no to they do discuss it again. But unless new arguments/suggestions come forth the answer is usually the same as the old answer.

Yeah, this is true and reasonable, but from more experienced people here, it does get … tiring to see yet another new topic about this totally awesome and absolutely novel new idea that someone’s had for trade/autopickup/respecs/hey ismultiplayeroutyet?/etc. Which I know isn’t “your” fault, but search is a thing as is posting in previous threads. It’s fair enough you’ve not read up every single post from the devs, but is it too much to as to do a cursory search?

It’s a slippery slope. The devs omplement auto-pickup sorry, pick up in a radius, any one with a “gaming keyboard/mouse” or access to the Internet so they can download Auto Hot Key either writes or downloads a script for it. bam auto loot with extra steps with the extra steps removed!

I like picking up every shard (and gold for that matter), not doing so makes me feel bad. Like I’m littering.

Loot filters help a ton with that.

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So who likes

in that case?

The argument behind it I don’t really get. You dislike stopping for items because its annoying. Then at the same time you refuse to use a lootfilter that would 100% help you in that matter.

It doesn’t take “hours” to set up a single filter. This is just inappropriate hyperbole. A basic filter takes about 5 min if you know what you are doing. Just hide items you know you won’t use by filtering class requirement and rarity. Recolour items with a list of affixes you want. I usually start with a simple filter like this with 3 rules and play through the story with it. You can add rules later on the go.

My guess is that you don’t know how to setup a filter and that’s entry barrier for you. In that case you can get help here:

The thing is that people (most of us here) want to play more complex games with deeper character customisation than back in the days. In your memory D2 is the best game ever (I loved it, too). But fact is that the character building compared to PoE ir even LE is flat. There aren’t much viable choices for each class. Let it be 3 or 4 builds for each class. And they were very dependent on items also as you needed specific uniques to make them work. And you only had 1 class specific set per class. This worked back in the days, but is far away from today’s standards.

LE has immense build diversity. And this comes from its itemisation. All the different stat/ affix combinations that are possible (and there already are restrictions for what affixes can roll on what items) make it harder to obtain items for a specific build like a cold themed spelldamage minion build. If the game wouldn’t shower you with loot, you wouldn’t be able to get your very specific items in a reasonable amount of time. So the game has to shower you with yellows of all kinds. That’s the downside of this system and the reason the devs put so much work into a well customisable lootfilter.

The devs could have gone a simpler way by only providing 5 different armour and weapon types and just implement affixes like general “increased damage”, “armour” and “health”. Every item that drops would have one or two of these stats because there’s no others. And so the game only needs to drop items every 10 minutes each, because they would’ve all similar stats anyways.

So calling LEs itemisation terrible is just wrong. It’s great and well thought out. It’s doing what it’s supposed to do and provides a relatively deep character building - one of the main reasons people play LE.

It’s another thing that you don’t like LEs itemisation. In conclusion you also don’t seem to care about deep character building.


just quietly enjoying the :popcorn: and waiting for the sequel.


the game does not filter affix shards, stopping to read them wastes time, more time than picking them up

anyone wanting to play efficiently would pick up every shard they see

Also a loot button is something that may be rather important for gamepad users, where clicking is more inconveniient

Well D2 resurected has best graphics and art of any game and I played current ladder, its not about memory or history.

Le itemization is terrible on many levels, not only checking yellow, there is no chance you will drop perfect item, so you need items with 2-3 affixes and add the last with craft, so you have to check everything if you can setup loot filter as pro good for you.

But uniqes and sets are another level of bad itemization, sets are uselless in end game have yet to see good green item, they can just delete them. Uniques are too niche I had 3 stash tabs of them and 99% are uselless to you build and low level craps over all they are just weak there is no exitment at all, 90% of them you cant even tell if its good item.

Maybe its just me but in other games items are what drives you forward, here you see unique and except another low level uselless crap and they dont drop much often.

Anyway charackter building and gameplay is fine I have 150 hours played on steam, but the itemization is just worst in any game I played zero excitment from loot for me.

I sincerely do not agree with your personal opinion of itemisation in LE. My personal experience is entirely counter to yours.

How is it possible that we have diametrically apposed opinions of this specific aspect of the same game?

Sure I have over 2k hours of play now, but your 150 hours should be enough to have experienced the game sufficiently to still be valid. I have played virtually every arpg game from the last 2 decades and I definitely would not characterise LE as the worst in any game.

Have you considered that your approach to itemisation may be what the issue is here?

For example, LE has different stages in itemisation - early play, mid/late game and end-game all require different approaches to items and gearing.

  • Early play - item drops are generally improvements to gear.

  • Mid/late play - REQUIRES the use of crafting & understanding how gear works and where improvements are likely.

  • End game - requires very specific targetting of loot based on item rarity, high level crafting chances and the addition of exalted items into the mix.

From my experience, you CANNOT assume the same process or methods of itemisation as your character progresses. To do so would be absolutely soul destroying and 100% ruin your experience in playing LE.

Have you considered this as a possible reason for your experiences with loot in LE?

ps. I do not discuss Uniques/Legendaries as they are a different aspect of itemization in the game imho. Yes, certain Uniques can be useless but others can also be incredibly powerful and build enabling so it is disingenuous to just make generalisations and write them off as you have. Yes, there is work to be done on Uniques, but the devs know that and the game isnt complete/balanced yet anyway.


Could it not just be bound to a key that isn’t on the numpad and can’t be reassigned? If people are going to go out of there way to not play the game while playing the game, then they will find workarounds for just about everything.

Making it not reassignable would create accessibility issues.
You can heavily discourage auto-casting by giving it short a cast time.
This way if you put it on autocast, you would constantly stop to pickup stuff making it very inconvenient.

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Autohotkey says hi. As you say, there’s almost always ways round everything you could put in to make auto-casting/auto-pickup not a thing.

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I mean, picking up shards is a minor inconvenience, but it’s by no means a hassle. You should have been here when you had to pick up each one, individually. Right now, you don’t have to read them, just click one, and they are all automagically in your inventory. Sure, I would like an auto-loot for shards, like there is with gold, but that’s mainly because I get slightly annoyed when I interrupt the ‘pickup’ by performing an action, or clicking to move elsewhere. But, by no means is that a deal-breaker for me. More of a really nice to have QoL feature.

And for items, you shouldn’t have to read every one of them, if you build a half-decent filter. Take some time to build a base filter, with all the generics covered, and then modify it, as-needed, per character. It’s not rocket surgery.

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Well I checked and I have 7 stash tabs full of uselless uniques, my highest char is 85 Vk autobomber and he had none unique equiped. Little weird in item hunt game.

There should be less affixes like spell damage and meele damage and thats all less affixes means better chance to find good item or easier to make one.

There should be some iconic uniques everyones wants for more then one niche build like Shako in D2 more items like this.

Le copy D3 from start it has similar gameplay timelines are like rifts + there are 3 dungeons and arena which is not much for end game but has more depth in character building so at least something. Where really need to improve is the item hunt to make desirable uniques.

I am not even fan of crafting its too easy to make good items.

Ofc this all only my personal opinion if ppl like the game as it is good for them but curently there are only 600 players playing which is extremely low so I offer my point of view of main problem. Maybe its just everyone taking break and waiting for multiplayer like me but the number of players is curently extremely low.

Honestly, I dont think a game like LE is something that I think you should be playing. From your response, its like you dont like the loot chase and you want something much simpler - e.g. Torchlight level - to build you chars and items will less complexity.

I definitely dont agree that less affixes is better. That would dumb down the game to the point where i would be bored in a heartbeat and stop playing.

I have 20 stash tabs of only uniques - usually about 3 of each sometimes a little more while i am swapping out old for better rolls & higher LP. I have discussed the issues about Uniques in a lot of other threads so no need to rehash that here - but Uniques need work. The issue here is that unlike other games (D3 for example) Uniques are not the final BIS items and shouldnt be what everyone is aiming for right now. There are lots of Exalted items that are far better than uniques and with the advent of Legendaries, we can then use both to create even better ones, but other than the best uniques (Wings, Rv, Bastion etc) and ones needed for specific niche builds, uniques arent usually needed. and I love that they arent. It makes the game much more varied and the possibilities more diverse - I hate that every single D3 build has to use the specific set items and uniques.

Crafting is part of the game and imho, LE has arguably the best crafting system vs Diablo/PoE etc. Its a fantastic part of the game and if you dont embrace it, then you are just missing out because it solves part of the issues you mention. Without it, LE itemisation would be messed up.

The number of players of LE has no bearing on its itemisation and quite honestly, if you check the trends on all arpg games including LE, its simply because everyone is waiting for the next patches (or seasons in released games) and multiplayer. I dont read anything into it beyond that and I dont think anyone shoudl.

Anyway. Its obvious we have different opinions and expectations of LE and how loot driven games work generally so I will leave it at that. I felt it important to stress that your opinion of the “worst” itemisation in any game is definitely your opinion and nothing more.

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The definition of “efficient” is “achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.” Emphasis mine.

Going out of your way and sacrificing forward momentum to pick up shards you don’t need is not efficiency.

No, because the Numlock trick is only one of the many extremely trivial ways to automate pressing a single key on your keyboard repeatedly.