Hi Community;

First let me just say I love this game and it’s community and to see steady changes is inspiring. I have a few suggestions that i’d love to see.

  1. Please make maps RNG based.

  2. Add a potion vendor to refill your potions

  3. have the option to replace LMB with a skill; i have 5 skills, one being a stance with no tree so my 5th skill is essentially worthless.

  4. it’d be nice to tag affixes you are looking for into items in the tool tips on the floor of dropped items signified by a special icon. maybe add a tab in forging to be able to select it.

5.It’d be nice to add a very rare rune/glyph that’d unfracture an item.

With that said, I love the game and thank you developers for your time and commitment!


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Thank you for the reply Llama8 and the fact you guys already had that in mind is great!

I’d still love to see Rng maps :X/ it’s a staple of ARPGs’

Yeah, hopefully RNG maps will come later, since they’re a relatively small team, so re-using assets allows them to make more progress on other things.

Completely understandable. If you can mention the possibility of keybinding the left mouse button to a skill i’d appreciate that. I’d like to use rive as it uses no mana anyway. But it’s great to see the game and developers moving forward.

As long as you have Rive on your skill bar you can bind your LMB to Rive (select the “move & attack” option which will allow you to choose what skill you have on your skill bar to use).

The thing is i use ephemeral stance and if i don’t have it on my bar it de activates :x. as far as i know.

I am not 100% certain, but i am assuming as the games development continues we will get more tilesets and variety. The fact that the story map is not random is a good thing for me.
But for the repetitive endgame modes such as MoF i would like more diversity and maybe some more random generated map layouts, but i am assuming that tech is not even build in the game yet(if they devs even plan to add one)

Like the idea, there is really nothing to say against this.

The thing with the stances atm is, yes they are not very interesting and most of the time even not desireable for your build. If you get more into endgame you will most likely change to another skills anyway.

On top of that having “just” 5 skill spec slots is a design/balancing decision. There was already ALOT of discussion around that in several threads.

Devs already announced that there will be new/changed glyphs added to the game, not exactly which ones, but they will come eventually.
Devs already annouced some potential changes to the current crafting system and after that they want to look into glyphs

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Thank you for the very insightful feedback, means a lot.

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With that taid to be honest; I enjoy creating custom white.blue items. (totally understand it’s EA but its a good crafting system IMO) Buti have to disagree with not using stances it’s a skill for a reason and especially ephemeral (70% more damage) I understand the side of balance but (hate to go there) other ARPG’s make that option available; specially in a game like this that’s all about customization and build.

Just my two cents :X. still love the direction it’s going though

I never said that i don’t like stances, they are just not worth using in the later parts of endgame, you usually take a utility or defensive skill instead of just some passive bonus.

FYI that stance just gives 70% increased damage(not more damage), which is alot lot for the story content, but falls of very very quickly and becomes almost useless in later endgame.

I also hope that they will introduce very cool and awesome skill spec tree to stances. There is a lot of room for awesome synergies and maybe some gameplay/rotation altering stuff.

Procedural generation for endgame content is planned.

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