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Pre-Alpha 0.4 Patch Notes



  • Implemented basic crafting
    • Shattering stones and shards implemented
    • Items can be shattered into shards
    • Shards can be added to items
    • Items can fracture when shards are added
    • Read our wiki for an explanation:
  • Added an entirely new action bar! (UI at the bottom left)
  • Skill charges display as dots on the action bar instead of numbers on the skill icon
  • Added new item tooltips, with support for comparing an item to what is currently equipped
  • Added volume sliders in options menu
  • ‘Exit to character select’ button now works
  • Added a back button to character select screen
  • Updated the beginning tutorial screen
  • NPC Dialog now closes when walking away or after pressing Esc
  • Made names of levels consistent throughout UI


  • Updated swipe visual effect
  • Companions now outline in green
  • Added blood and rain effects
  • Adjusted lighting effects on special enemies
  • Changed basic attack animation
  • Added different basic attack and running animations for two-handed weapons

Level Design

  • Halfpath Outskirts has been split into Sundered Path and Watermill
  • Made Bridgewood easier overall
  • Updated enemy spawns in several levels
  • Waypoints now become respawn points when activated
  • Added an arena for fighting the Draal Queen
  • Removed ‘Heroic’ (stronger variant) enemies from Lost Glade and Bridgewood
  • Added a placeholder boss to the end of The Temple of Eterra
  • Replaced grey wolves with bristlemaws
  • Replaced silvan wolves with thicket crawlers


  • Changed to a new armor formula. Armor and protection values have changed accordingly
  • Added the mercenary tier of armor
  • Resized and added textures to gloves and boots
  • Equipped gear is now saved when a character is saved
  • Gold now drops and is automatically picked up (no use implemented yet)
  • Improved how armor pieces fir to player characters
  • Added damage affixes now work even if a skill doesn’t deal that type of damage by default
  • Implicit stats are now more specific (ex. melee physical damage instead of just damage)
  • Added new implicit stats to wands

Other Changes

  • Increased base health regeneration on the player and reduced the health regeneration gained per level
  • Increased base attack speed of player by 10%
  • Strength now gives 20% increased melee damage and 10% increased armor per point
  • Added a sound for gold pickups

Bug Fixes

Level Design

  • Fixed a tower at the end of The Depths blocking the camera
  • Corrected lighting in The Temple of Eterra
  • Summons can no longer be placed on background terrain


  • Fixed the default clothing of the mage clipping into the character
  • Fixed shields and weapons equipping at wrong angles
  • Fixed shields giving too much armor/protection


  • Fixed frenzy totems having the same icon and sharing the summon limit of thorn totems
  • Fixed the Draal Queen’s poison doing twice as much damage and reducing poison resistance three times as much as intended
  • Fixed being able to specialize in the same skill more than once
(Originally released on November 29th, 2017. Now that the forums are up, I've added these notes here)
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