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Hardcore Viable Mage Builds

Anyone got a good mage build that can make it to and thrive in endgame while playing hardcore?

Any mage utilitzing endurance and Fractured Crown can be super tanky, because “Damage dealt to mana before health” is really strong in conjunction with endurance.
You can reach up to 65% Damage dealt to mana before health with T5 on body armour + a fractured Crown.

Fractured Crown is also very easy to obtain on a Solo Char.
What “main skill” you use really doesn’t matter that much with that defensive setup.

Lightning Blast and Elemental Nova are probably the easiest to play and gear.

Hmm ok.

I’ve tried glacier and lightning orb but I tend to get overwhelmed at higher levels and I take so much damage.

I will look out for Fractured Crown

I think those are both skills that are quite tricky, especially Static Orb (i assuming you speaking about that) is probably one of the weakest skills atm and has a really outdated skill tree, it’s cool utility/support skill, but i would not recommend that as a main dmg skill.

Glacier is great early, but requires some very well thought out build to scale it into late game, but it’s a great utility skill, especialyl with mana gained on kill/crit.

It’s no random drop, but you need to do something specific to get it.
Not sure if you want me to spoiler it to you so i will use a spoiler.

How to get Fractured Crown

You need to destructive fracture a Gilded Crown Base Type (Lvl 72 Mage Helmet)
It’s 100% guaranteed though if the destructive fracture happens.

If you want more specifci tips how to get the item just feel free to ask, but i don’t want to spoil everything to you.

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You were fairly vague on “mage” so you could try a spellblade… Ward is a very strong defence option… I was able to make it to level 80 deathless (in normal play) without much effort (or bis gear) using a Flamereave Firebrand Fire version… There is both a fire & lightning version that are end-game normal play viable and will probably be pretty good in hardcore if you are a better player than me… Unfortunately both do require some uniques which could be a problem. Fireband Flame Reave Fire VersionMillion Damage Lightning Low Life