Game Freeze after a few hours


My spouse has been experiencing problems with Last Epoch for some time now. Unfortunately for us, these bugs are ruining her experience and she’s in danger of dropping out of the game altogether. I’ve already submitted a technical ticket to the support team at EHG (the game’s developers), but they haven’t been able to help me. I’m a computer technician, so I’m familiar with the hardware and process side of things, but I’m a bit lost when it comes to development and software, once you get beyond the basics.

Problem encountered:

After a few minutes/hours of play, the game freezes for a period of about 10 to 20 seconds. However, this is only the player’s perspective, because when the game resumes, the player is dead due to the enemies, or the enemies are dead due to the player’s ability spam in an attempt to survive the freeze. So we can see that the execution of enemies, the character and his skills all work, despite the fact that the game is frozen for the player. Sometimes the game crashes when it freezes, the ratio being about 50% chance of the game crashing and 50% chance of the game continuing.

Solutions explored:

My spouse’s computer had just been refurbished, with a fresh installation of Windows 10. I had also cleaned the inside of the laptop and changed the thermal paste since it was overheating, thus solving this problem. The computer is equipped with two hard disks, a 128GB SSD and a 1TB HDD. Windows is installed on the SSD, which corresponds to the C:\ drive.

Since we encountered the freeze bug on the game, I’ve tried several solutions, here they are in order:

    • Reinstalling the graphics driver using DDU (no impact)
    • Installing another version of the graphics driver (no impact)
    • Modification of NVIDIA settings to prioritize use of the GTX graphics processor (no impact)
    • Use GeForce software to optimize graphics settings (no impact)
    • Complete uninstallation of the game with cleanup of caches, redundant files and registry (no impact)
    • Tested another similar game (Path of Exile) for a full day, with no problems.
    • Checked hard disk status using CrystalMark, all showing good condition.
    • Complete uninstallation of the game with cleanup of caches, redundant files and the registry, but this time reinstalling the game on the HDD (D:) instead of the SSD (C:) (the time before encountering a freeze was excessively longer, but now there are “micro-lags” in the game, where you see the character freeze for a few milliseconds before continuing normally, every two-three minutes).
    • Minimal reduction in the game’s graphic quality (the recurrence of “micro-lags” has been reduced).

I’m now a little short of solutions, so any help would be greatly appreciated! I’ve attached the game logs containing the crash report (thoses before the game was reinstalled on the D: are mark as _Old) , as well as the Steam and dxdiag info files. For your information, I play this game on my computer and have never encountered this bug. If necessary, I can provide my own logs.

Thanks in advance for your time and help!

All the files are here:

P.S.: Is seems to be the same problem that this person encounter: Game Freeze / Rollback during gameplay

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