Game crashes so severely that computer boots

Hey guys. First time writer but long time player. Crash problem. Like many others I see. I read a lot of these crash topics and tried several things. Even unplugin my headset, but LE keeps crashing now and then so severely that computer shuts down and boots itself

Graph setup is low all the way

My setup:
Win10 with latest updates
16gb ddr4 memory
Radeon 580 RX 8gb GPU with laters drivers
And game runs on a new SSD hard drive

I have tried via Steam and recently downloaded standalone version. Game keeps running 1h to 3h and then suddenly computer boots. No other heavy software running background like browsers or stuff. There is no error message. Just sudden shutdown and boot

Here are few logs. I couldnt find full list of logs you need but I will upload those if needed

Player.log (96.7 KB)
Player-prev.log (148.0 KB)
version.txt (6 Bytes)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (488 Bytes)

Please help! I love this game and spend good 300 hours so far playing it :slight_smile:


Hi, Welcome to the forums…

Please can you include your DXdiag export to provide more information on your specific setup.

The player.log file is showing the usual debug information and game engine errors etc but its not showing total crashes. Usually there are much more defined logs saying what crashed and providing details of the error.log the game generates when its a game engine crash…

The lack of logs basically means that your system is crashing before the game engine can actually log any possible problems. This is usually a sign that the crash is happening due to driver issues, physical issues (like overheating/power), some sort of corruption in system files or game files or even a conflict with something else installed on your system.

The dxdiag diagnostics might have info to work from and you can “View Reliability History” on your system to see if Windows itself managed to log what is happening to at least point in the correct direction to troubleshoot this.

The in-game settings you are using should mean that the crashes are not being caused by the known performance related instability. i.e. using settings too high for your hardware is known to cause crashes…

Your description of the game running for a while and then crashing could be hardware related so I would advise you to monitor your system while playing - CPU, GPU, Memory etc… and see if there is something that is maxing out, overheating, drawing too much power etc. Something like HWmonitor logging results could be useful.

It could also be something running periodically in background that might not be system intensive, but conflicts with the Unity game engine and crashes your system…

If could also obviously be a problem with the game itself… It is in beta so things like this can happen and your very specific combination of hardware and the game might be highlighting a bug - unfortunately this is very hard to troubleshoot… So, to figure out if it may be something like this, is there any common element that you are doing when the crashing tends to happen? Are you loading into a map, using a specific character, using a specific skill? doing a specific thing in LE?

Please post your dxdiag output and we can see if there is anything that will help narrow the focus to find the issue.

Hey there and thanks for answering. I was thinking also overheating GPU or so. I tested it with AMD drivers which include fan control system. I set it to start cooling GPU when heat goes over 40 celsius. Still I got reboots now and then :confused:

Here is dxdiag. Hope something helpful comes up

DxDiag.txt (79.9 KB)

“is there any common element that you are doing when the crashing tends to happen? Are you loading into a map, using a specific character, using a specific skill? doing a specific thing in LE?”

Actually no. This is one thing I cannot understand. The game can crash anywhere basically. Not certain map, character, loading something, using some skill/spell. It just reboots randomly. No other game have this problem. I just played Hitman 3 and Horizon: zero dawn. Both runned good and no reboots. So it may be there beta version of LE …


The Dxdiag file diagnostic section at the end of the file is only showing BEX64 Errors with the Launcher.exe_Launcher. Assuming no other apps on your system use this exe name then this is the LE Standalone Launcher… You can confirm this by checking the Error logs on your system (Reliability History or Event Viewer). Perhaps there is more information in the full event viewer Bex64 error that can help…

Interestingly, this is not the game itself crashing - thats LastEpoch.exe and there are no Steam or LastEpoch.exe errors which are what I would expect to find if you were having the same issue via Steam.

Bex64 errors are basically memory exception errors - usually caused by apps using memory incorrectly or overfilling memory buffers… The causes of these can be varied - beyond what I can help with - but could be multiple apps conflicting with each other (like Unity & Teamviewer, Citrix - even mouse software), driver issues, bugs in apps or even Microsofts Data Execution Protection feature being overzealous.

You can search for how o fix Bex64 errors for various possible options…

I dont see anything glaring in your Dxdiag that could point to a general problem…

Some suggestions:

  1. Try launching the Last Epoch via its exe in the installed folder - i.e. bypass the launcher and/or steam entirely… You will obviously need to manually input your login credentials but this will bypass the launcher which is crashing. Note: you have to run the launcher and or steam when the game gets an update… running the exe will not update the game.

  2. Look through your Event viewer and see if there is something happening/logged prior to the crash/reboot happening… i.e. anything that could say what your system was doing the moment before it crashed.

  3. See if any of the Bex64 solutions online are possible.

  4. Your GPU is older now so I am not sure if the latest and greatest drivers are best suited as they tend to want to push for best fps on the latest hardware rather than stability on older devices that dont make the manufacturer any money… Double check that there are no graphic performance settings that could be conflicting with the settings you are using in game… You may even want to consider rolling back to an older driver - if you do, do a safe mode reinstall (or use something like DDU) to make sure that your drivers update correctly. (a normal setup in windows doesnt always ensure that all the driver files are updated.

  5. With your settings… Try Exclusive Full Screen. A few people have mentioned that this is more stable for them.

  6. Because of the possiblity of other apps conflicting, temporarily disable or do not run any other applications while testing LE… There are known issues with other apps… Even something totally irrelevant could be the cause of the problem… This includes things like graphical overlays etc…

  7. Continue to monitor your system to see if there is an anomoly - like memory spike, gpu maxes out, thermals of all the components or anything that happens just before a crash… This could help pinpoint the problem. Keep an eye on Event viewer - there may be some warning message that could say what is going on.

  8. Make sure that all your hardware devices drivers are up to date… Even things like Realtek sound and any software that comes with your devices…

Wish there were some way of narrowing the search but without actual errors to work from, its like looking for a needle in a haystack…

Yes its a beta game and has bugs but there are lots of people playing the game (myself included) for 8h+ without any issues so there has to be something unique to your setup that is causing this issue…

Looking through the forums, there are quite a few crashes with people using Rx 580 GPUs but most of those issues are on older versions of the game & also had people trying to run the game at settings way too high or using wonky drivers… You can see those searches here. Perhaps there is something there that will trigger a possible idea…

Thanks a million! I’ll start trying to narrow the problem. Lotsa good pointers you got the there, so I have lotsa things to check :slight_smile:

Event viewer showed that “kernel power error 41” is occured when crash happens. Now I am checking from the net how to fix it. If you have solution please let me know

This one is tricky… Here is the microsoft page for troubleshooting it.

It could be a sign of a power supply that is failing… physical memory problems… a hardware component that is overheating over time… even a driver that is causing a reboot and bypassing the error logging.

to take LE out of the equation, you could try and run some stress tests on your system to see what happens - things like Prime95 to stress the CPU or furmark to stress the GPU or Cinebench in a loop etc…

I think makes sense somehow. I have fairly old Chieftec 600w power supply and I dont think it’s fan is running anymore. It makes funny sound and I opened the computer and checked CPU fan. It worked, no weird sound there. Then checked other fan inside computer. Worked fine. No funny sound, but I noticed that PSU was making the sound. Like PSU fan tried to run but stopped immediately

I just two days ago ordered same kind of PSU and I will change it when it arrives. I’ll try Prime95 to see if crash

Hmm… A PSU without cooling could very well explain the crashes… and depending on what your ambient temperature is and how hard LE is making your system work, could explain the seemingly random crashes… You can temporarily mitigate this by aiming a normal case fan or room fan directly at the PSU with your case open.

Strange sounds from a PSU are not usually a good sign either… Could be an electrical component slowy dying and if thats the case, I would be careful - you dont want a PSU blowing up and taking out your motherboard or GPU at the same time…

True that. The weird sound started just 1-2 weeks ago. According to post office new PSU comes tomorrow :slight_smile: So I can install it soon to see if the problem was there. Better not to play LE or other heavy games until new PSU is installed just in case. I dont want to blow my computer. That would be expensive mistake

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