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FPS loss from moonspire

As the title says, the moons spires seem to be causing quite a bit of FPS loss. This is due to the particle effects as it only happens when it animation of the attack is played and only lasts for the duration of the animation (duration of the blue particles in the screen).

Sugestion to either redo the animation so there is far less particles or optimise the particle rendering so this does not happen.

Will try and remember to test this next time I get a moonspire… if I can stop kiting around long enough :wink:

i posted a similar thread in bug reports (although this probably would have been a better subforum for it, in hindsight), so i’ll link it here to hopefully increase visibility for the issue. Huge frame drops from moon spires when their VFX is very close to the camera

thanks to @vapourfire for bringing this thread to my attention :slight_smile: