Forced Global Chat

I have to keep disabling global chats to type in party, it keeps re-enabling them, I just want to type in party!

I’d like to add: when i start a game in OFFLINE-Mode, i still get global chat messages… may be intended, but is, imo, total nonsense. I’d appreciate a fix…

Known bug, the devs are working on it.

That’s intended.

Thanks, Llama8 - but: WHY? I mean - if i do play OFFLINE, chances are high, that i wish to play alone…

So i am curious: where would be the sense to see onlie-chats in an offline game.mode?

Why not? You play offline but can read the chat. Its not only for finding groups in MP. You can get help there, too, if you’re stuck somewhere in offline mode.

I don’t see any logical relevance to block chat just because you’re playing alone. If you don’t want to read the chat, disable it in options.


Okay, this is your opinion, and i am fine with that.

Though i still find it annoying to have to disable MP-chat in a SP offline-game… - if i decide to play OFFline, this does in most cases mean that i wish to play the game alone by myself - and this also means that i do not like interruptions via MP-chat…

Or i fon’t have access to the internet, in which case chat-functionality is obsolete in any case.