Beta 0.9.1d Patch Notes


  • Improved how dynamic Solar Invaders (archers) are in combat:
    • Increased how much and how frequent they move between attacks.
    • Added another short fleeing state that can happen more often, not just after taking a lot of damage.
    • Reduced their kick damage by 25%.
    • Reduced their arrow damage by 11%.
  • Majasa’s Blood Pools tick 4 times per second from 5 and deal 10% more damage per tick (resulting in 12% less damage per second). The ticks now always show damage number and hit vfx, so that it’s clearer that they’re dangerous
  • Immobilized enemies no longer start using movement skills (immobilizing an enemy will not interrupt a movement skill in progress).
  • Improved internal performance telemetry to assist our server optimization efforts.
  • Overhauled the mechanics and visuals of Soul Cage and Soul Warden enemies.
  • Added new on-hit particle, hit flash and death flash visuals for Holy Fire, Holy Lightning and Blood abilities.
    • Previously these visuals would look the same for all abilities of a given damage type. Now a Physical ability can use Blood visuals instead, for example.
  • Added new loading screen art for Lake Liath zones, Divine Era Maj’elka zones, and various Imperial Era zones.
  • Updated frozen breakables in the Tomb of Morditas.
  • Added new emerging sound effects for spider enemies.
  • Updated the vocal sounds for all Osprix enemies to match the new sounds added for the Chapter 1 rework.
  • Added new sounds for Basic Attack that change with weapon type.
  • Updated the Game Guide to add region selection and the Sanctuary of Eterra.
  • There is now a confirmation prompt when purchasing a cosmetic with Epoch Points.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the game stuttering when spawning new enemy types in Arena starting in the second Arena layout of the run.
  • Fixed a bug where the Sanctuary of Eterra window did not close after being used, allowing it to be used several times and causing it to block the screen.
  • Portal cosmetics now apply to the portals you open after completing an Echo.
  • Fixed a bug where item visuals and cosmetics would sometimes disappear after transitioning to a new zone.
  • Fixed a bug where visual effects could project on top of some cosmetics.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some “when landing” effects in Fury Leap’s skill tree such as Frenzied Onslaught, Wings of Endurance and Battle Bloom to not apply to Maul with Werebear Form’s Skull Crusher allocated.
  • Fixed a bug where Earthquake’s Aftershock did not scale with strength, and also incorrectly said it receives 40% increased damage per point of strength. It receives 4% increased damage per point of strength.
  • Fixed a bug where Spirit Thorns did not apply ailments to enemies hit by more than one Spirit Thorn.
  • Fixed a bug where when using Avalanche’s Precision node, the skill appears to not properly cast at the location of the Player’s cursor after the initial cast.
  • Fixed a bug where the visual for Lightning Blast and Lightning Smite would appear twice (once in its previous cast location).
  • Fixed Bone Golem’s leap attack having a firey ground effect visual.
  • Fixed Manifest Armor not having an outline in Online mode.
  • Fixed a bug where lightning wolves’ unique appearance would be reverted to the regular summoned wolf visual when they were hit.
  • Fixed rare Void Despair enemies not having a visual effect for changing their triple projectile attack.
  • Fixed a bug where the Ice Breath from Frozen Wolf enemies cast in the wrong direction in Online mode.
  • Changed the positioning of off-hand weapons for Sentinels to prevent clipping.
  • Fixed Humming Bee uniques facing the wrong direction when in your Offhand, and being invisible when used as an Offhand for Mages.
  • Fixed a bug where quest item drops in the Council Chambers would happen for all players present in the zone, but would only happen once. If a player joined the zone later and tried to turn in a quest, they wouldn’t get the item.
  • Fixed a bug where players could rarely be in 2 parties at the same time, causing various buggy behavior with party functionality.
  • Added a quest progression failsafe for the first Blood, Frost and Death quest echo: you can skip talking to the first Wengari if needed.
  • Fixed the world map showing that the Fortress Gardens has a waypoint, when it does not.
  • Fixed a bug where there was no quest pulse leading you to speak to Balthas in The Summit.
  • Fixed a bug where Orian’s entrance animation could sometimes play while he’s off screen in The Summit.
  • Fixed the world map not fading nicely when switching between eras.


Thank you to everyone who is continuing to report bugs and provide feedback, we really appreciate it. At this point our designers are primarily working on content for our next major update, but as you can see we are still dedicated to bug fixing and polish.

One initiative that isn’t visible in the patch notes is that we have an internal team dedicated to improving performance, particularly on the server side. There are significant technical changes underway that will have a big impact, but we’re still in early stages. We’re also working on reducing zone transition times.

Besides that, here are some specific changes we are working on. We’ll keep looking through your reports to pick other things to fix as well.

  • Chat sometimes re-enables itself - also it says “Chat is Disabled” when it actually isn’t.
  • Rarely, a failed attempt to transition to another zone can become completed after loading a different character.
  • Summoned Spriggans don’t gain the Cold Minion tag when cold converted.
  • The Journey To Maj’elka quest does not advance when talking to the Nagasa in Soreth’Ka. You can move to the next zone without talking to them, however.
  • You can get stuck in place if you join the Sanctum of the Architect after the fight starts.
  • Further Ambush encounter and Chapter 1 enemy scaling changes.

Thanks for the bug fixes!

@QuietForMe And the bug fixes for Druid continue!


Thanks! Great news.

I hope this allays the continued fears that many complain about that there isn’t anything being done about a lot of performance issues. Some (most?) of use knew that there was work being done like this but making the statement hopefully helps those who apparently didn’t.

EDIT: I did just log in though and it’s still showing 0.9.1c, both on the login page and when the game opens up. Is that just an oversight updating the version number or is the 0.9.1d not yet there?


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glad to see someone else also pinged him immediately lol


So, has the update been applied or not? Still showing 0.9.1c for me. Thanks.

If you’re not seeing the update in Steam, please restart your Steam client. Thanks!

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I couldn’t see the update either though Steam does a 6pm GMT ‘server refresh’ and the update is available for me now!

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Thank you for updates team.
Reminder: please, do something with Abomination AI/Pathing. Its terrible and in bad state for so many time. Recent change in his range doesnt make difference when he just sliding/circling around enemies. Its AI need to be impoved so hard.


That’s the only thing that makes me avoid playing abomination and archmage build, even though I like them a lot

Are you close to fixing towns?

Ooooh!!! Shiny!

Can I just say, this is a pretty awesome visual upgrade. Even better in action.


Ah, yeah it’s fair to point out that I didn’t mention Towns.

We are still working on the technical details and making progress, but there’s no estimate I can give yet. We’re planning to re-launch them before our next major patch.


The new Soul Warders look amazing.

great patch now i cant log in

Try verifying the files via Steam.

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After the patch 0.9.1D im facing a lot of lost connection issues… Like i never had before or like 1 in lot of hours!! It’s frustrating, expecially when you’ve to to do again a lot of distance…

Please fix the bug on werebear’s swipe ability for the node “Umjol’s Guidance”. For me it is stuck on 4/5 skill points and no matter what I do, it doesn’t let me skill the last point for 5/5 and full lightning damage.

I’d recommend verifying the game files to make sure the patch applied correctly.

It seems, that Warriors entrance still doesnt work, in fury leap tree.