Flurry and Detonating Arrow very often do not hit anything - both currently unusable

Both these skills are unusable at the moment as they are failing to hit their targets. You see the arrow fly to the target and visually hit it, but there is no damage, and no miss indicator nor dodge nor block or anything. Nothing happens. About 40 to 50% of the shots fired do this nothing.

EDIT: This seems to be something to do with enemy placing and player placing. E.g. If I encounter an enemy that doesn’t move (e.g an archer type) and find that I cannot hit it… If that occurs and neither of us moves, I can NEVER hit that enemy with Flurry. Ever. I even specced to channelled Flurry and can channel forever and that enemy will simply not be hit. If either it or me repositions then usually I can hit it. This can occur with screenfulls of enemies and Flurry will simply not hit any of them.

This is a game-killing bug.


I’ve had to put my Marksman on pause until this is fixed. As a workaround, if I use Cinder Strike first, then Detonating Arrow, both seem to start hitting again. It’s really noticeable when you’re attacking from point-blank range.

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Yeah I tried continueing but became frustrated and as I love the game and devs, I just played an alt char instead till it’s fixed (detonating arrow for me)

+1 Detonating arrow build going on the pile until it’s fixed. Hopefully soon so I can pick this one up again as I was really enjoying it.

The same here I made a video: https://youtu.be/r-kGjR5Q70g

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Hopefully they fix this one soon before 1.0.

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I just bought the game and this is my first character. I’m glad to see it’s not only me, I was going crazy! I guess I’m gonna try a new character then. Not gonna lie, it is a bit frustrating. Hope they fix this soon!


Cinder Strike works just fine.

Hello all,

I’m a new player and don’t really know how devs interact with forums post, but I’m just adding on this here to say that I struggle with the same issue with detonating arrow. Indeed sometimes (especialy at close range) my DA just goes through the target without hitting hit and if I don’t move I cannot hit it anymore.

I’m discovering this game and enjoying quite a bit, so this is not a rent, rather just the hope that the dev will see it and fix it for the official release of the game.

Well, it’s the 10th of February 2024 and Detonating arrow has the same problem.
I hope devs will fix this soon; marksman is really fun to play, but extremely frustrating when one of the main skills doesn’t hit the target more often than not.

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Same issue here. Hope they fix it for the 1.0 release. Would kill a fun build otherwise.

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same issue, let’s hope the fix rolls out in 1.0

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I have the same problem. Makes Marksman unplayable. How such a big, game changing bug can stay for so long?

This will finally be fixed with the 1.0 launch:

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Can’t you put subtitles on the cinematic video?