Detonating arrow

Hello , im levelling a marksman with puncture and detonating arrow .Puncture is always hitting but detonating arrow seems like missing a lot ,specially from closer range ,what is happening ? I dont see any information about chance to hit or proximity of attacks, is very annoying

There is a known bug that has been reported multiple times for both Detonating Arrow and Flurry which causes them to miss a lot. There is another bug with Flurry when you spec into the Multishot node that causes it to act like a machine gun, which sort of mitigates the misses for Flurry.

Here are a couple of them:
Flurry and Detonating Arrow…
Flurry hitbox bug


Thank you ! I hope they will fix it soon

I’ve struggled getting detonating arrow to work with Jelkhor’s also. I hope this also gets a pass over and fiddled with

This is a known issue with flurry and det arrow

I really want to try Marksman on 1.0 as it’s usually the most enjoyable archetype to me. So yeah I hope they fix these bugs by then.