Flame Reave Crit, Screen Wide AoE Monolith Clear! | Last Epoch Spell Blade Build | Patch 8.0d

YouTube Build Guide : Flame Reave Crit, Screen Wide AoE Monolith Clear! | Last Epoch Spell Blade Build | Patch 8.0d - YouTube

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Haven’t you heard, Flame Reave is sub-par and always has been! No proper arena-pusher would use it!1


thats correct, but that doesn’t mean I can’t play it, it just means its not good in arena :smiley:

But that’s the only endgame!

Also slightly surprised you’re not going with an Eye of Reen given the auto-crit nature of the build & the 5% increased crit multi per stack. Not sure if the ignite from the sword wouldbe converted to shock though given Rolling Thunder’s wording (ignite bonuses on this tree)

First, we are not focusing on the ignite (does nothing), its in the tree so you would not convert the eye of reen ignite to shock, and 3, you get consistent 450%+ crit multi by this setup, while the eye of reen setup is rather inconsistent on a single target, making it lack luster in the end. You also are running flat fire damage on eye of reens, when you want melee lightning thanks to shock + all the bonuses because the 90% more fire damage in flame reaves tree is converted to more lightning damage instead.

Yeah, it’ll be inconsistent on single target, but if you’re in Arena (as all true LE players are), then the density makes the single target less of an issue. I remember while doing the first quest echo of the Fall of the Outcasts, I’d gather up a decent sized mob & bot up to 200-300 stacks of Reen’s Ire for an additional 1,000% - 1,500% crit multi (which is then wasted due to the time it takes to get more mobs, but never mind).

On a serious note though. For your mainhand you’re going with a Kris (low implicit damage by crit multi), did you try it with a crafted Deicide sword as mainhand instead? You’d loose 40-80% crit multi (which is 10%-20% of your total crit multi) but gain an additional 28 flat damage which would be ~26% extra flat damage so it should be worth it (more so if you get a bad crit multi implicit roll), and it’s faster (average speed of 1.2 compared to 1.15, 4.3% faster) so you’d cycle through your attacks quicker.

So you should have bigger crits on Flame Reave as well as much bigger hits on Firebrand & all of it a bit faster.

Edit: I’m sure you know, but I’d also strongly advise taking the 5 points in Shattered Aegis, as that allows Arcane Shielding to stack & even with the effectiveness reduction, you’ll end up with 16% less damage taken (from 10%), 32 ward/sec (from 20) & 80% increased armour when you’re at max stacks (4). According to Tunk’s armour mitigation calculator, that would take you up from ~17% mitigated to ~23%.

I will love an update on this guide, please!

Yes, could we please have an update if you have the time? I would love to give this a try

There are a few variations on this that are for past versions but they are still very powerful as they are but you just have to tweak a few things rather than “blindly copy” to make them even better for the latest patch. New skill changes like Surge also offer some variation to play with…

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Thank you very much, Vapour! I appreciate you pointing me in the right direction. Of the 3, how would you rank them? I know you say not to blindly copy them, but my game knowledge isn’t extensive enough to theory craft and make own builds unfortunately =/

@Llama8 will kill me for saying this but I think @boardman21 lightning version has the edge if you have the uniques for the low life… The other also needs uniques but they are easier to get…(in my experience anyway)… One is fire, one lightning… Both are very strong builds… and there is the new Surge skill that you could consider using as a movement skill for either build.

I was able to use @Llama8 build on a deathless run all the way to the Emperor of Corpses (before they added the 3 new MoFs) and only died to him because of a stupid mistake on my part (mistiming Flame Ward). I have since tried both versions and been able to clear the new bosses - not quite yet the empowered new ones but thats mostly because I have been playing other builds…

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Awesome, thanks for your help and input! Trying it out now

You’re allowed to have an opinion & it’s even allowed to be wrong! :wink:

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