Eternal Legends Update (Patch 0.8.4) - Coming December 10th

Where did I say that? Don’t put words I didn’t say into my mouth please. I said ‘maybe…’
Roslya thinks that if he makes just one post dismissing all the good stuff the devs have done to the moment and only requiring releasing MP in Dec and saying that not having MP by now ‘makes him not want to be a part of the community’ as if that is his gratitute to us all or what? That is a snobbish attitude I don’t like at all.
We all are in the same boat, waiting for MP with patience and respect for the devs hard working on it. Nothing will change even if you ask ‘multiplayer when’ thousand times, it is ready when it is ready. But asking that with such an arrogance and childish threats like ‘i was gonna pay money now you won’t get anything for me’… that was harsh.

Hey my friend, I think it would be nice to give the developers more time to improve the game, at least what the developers are doing is improving the game as much as possible. Let LE be accepted and recognized by more people when it is officially released. I think this behavior is quite right. Developers are being held accountable for our money! Please be more tolerant of developers, my friend. You hope it was a good decision to spend money on this game! I fully understand that you are feeling anxious about the current development schedule. Please at ease! Everything is getting better! Looking forward to the official arrival of LE! Love from China!


It seems like a nice new update that needs to be tried out.
And it is just the right time it is released as well. Many days in December that there will be happening very little as of real life too, so good to have a good game to play.

Im fairly convinced its not being released this year as the devs told us so

I know you are convinced everything is a lie even when they say its not coming out that must be a lie too

It takes EHG about at least 12 weeks to do a single patch, theres one coming 10/12/21 or whatever, im not sure how you expect them to release MP during christmas holidays giving them approx 14 days to release it from that date

I guess if you want to be absolutely pathetic then do so

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So many people understand game development so little but are willing to publicly decry everything they can. If this was 10 years ago, ok sure. Nowadays its well known that game development is hard and things always take longer than expected. Experienced players no longer demand things now because we have seen several unfinished releases. It has apparently been long enough since releasing unfinished crap was common that the kids have forgotten how awful that was.


You’re very fast with the phrase “they lied to us”.

Did you even read the post you linked? Here are some quotes regarding multiplayer development. Easy to find, if you read the blogs:

This service was free. If you are interested in Multiplayer and Last Epochs development progress, I’d suggest to read through all of the posts, I linked.

All this info makes it very clear that nobody “lied” (to make an untrue statement with intend to deceive). But your continued accusations look like you are somehow acting in bad faith.


Hey, my friend. I’m personally looking forward to multiplayer, and my friends are looking forward to teamwork. Maybe my friends and I will recommend this game to more people when multiplayer mode comes out!! We wanted multiplayer so badly! I agree with you. But what else can we do? Hope to God the devs will release multiplayer soon. Of course blaming is obviously not a good thing. The result is waiting anyway. Why don’t we make waiting happy?

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Because they said multiplayer is patch 0.9 and they have approximately 3 months between patches.

At the moment they said it, it was the real plan, so it was not a lie.

I will not go further, it’s not the subject here.

Is it a lie if circumstances change between the original announcement & the intended date? If I tell my kids that we’re going to go to Disneyland (from the UK) but when the time comes prices have gone through the roof & we can’t afford it, was I lying when I told my kids?

The devs weren’t lying when they said they were intending to release MP this year, but stuff has changed since then & they aren’t able to deliver that thing in the original timescale. Why it’s been delayed nobody knows because they haven’t said.

People have said that we’d have fusion power “within 10 years” for the past 30 years (at least). Are they all lying? Or have they all just misjudged how hard it is to deliver? Should I be able to sue due to the harm suffered by not having “power too cheap to be metered”?

Because it’s not gone to “wider testing”, with only ~1.5 months to go there’s been no announcement & December’s patch is going to be 0.8.4 not 0.9.

Is absolutely the reason why it’s been delayed.



On a more serious side… if a person feel lied to leave it this way because you wont change the mind of said person if there is clear and obvious evidence (aka things can change woops) it isn’t a lie. On the other hand ther IS multiplayer it’s just not useable for everyone besides the devs buuut it’s there ^^.


And there is your error. They never stated a hard timeline (not timezone, btw) for Multiplayer. They posted an Estimate.

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Excuse me, but are you Chinese? If so, I found my family!

Oh if I had a dollar every time I went in on a project with a time frame in mind for a project only to realize after starting it that the timeframe was pretty far off the mark…

With large projects this is often the case, from every project management point of view there are often times that we try to hit a deadline only to realize the only way we would meet it would be to release a inferior product that would just cause more problems than it is intended to fix. This is particularly true when you work in software and software as a service (SaaS) environments.

I think not just development, but leadership is acutely aware the long lasting repercussions are for an indie developer who releases MP before it is largely ready.

While good intentions, and I’m sure for those who have waited very patiently and for a good while it might seem far away, the development team have been transparent with the progress and state of MP. Projects evolve, deadlines shift, testing uncovers issues that need to be resolved. It’s the nature of the project.


Yes, in software development, there are 3 factors:

  • Time
  • Cost
  • Features

You can dictate two.

a) You want it by a certain time for a certain cost? You won’t get all the features you want.
b) You want specific features with a fixed cost? You won’t get it when you want it.
c) You want it by a certain time and with specific features? Woo-boy, that’ll cost you more.

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I did indeed read them, but thank you for assuming I’m unintelligent and did not.

I quote this response because it’s the most realistic - we’re obviously not going to change each others minds. And judging from the passion of which we talk about the game we both enjoy it. Ultimately we all are excited for Multiplayer and have no problem if it is coming out next year. We might see it differently in how it was presented, since I see the title stating 2020, but you see the generalizations posted within the article moreso.

Honestly, I might have been a little “keyboard-warrior” like last night. Again, I truly believe this is one of the best dev teams I have ever seen work on a game. I don’t want anything to detract from that praise, they’re constantly communicating and updating at a rate no other team does.


Actually yes, if you said ‘we may not be able to go due to prices’ then its fair but no if you gave 0% chance you wouldnt go then you lied

EGH comparison is ‘we will go to disneyland next year but cant go now’

Im pretty sure but I also do not care in the slightest people were lied to about this game working on MAC’s and that was proven to be not true

Also the multiplayer being delayed is basically 100% Wolcen developers and the insane rabbid bandwagon players fault who did not give a shit about Wolcen in development then all bought it on release clogging up their servers and ruining the reputation of the game

Trust me there will be many many parasite streamers who will appear for LE launch - Zizaran/steel/quin/nugiyen/karv/raizqt/mathil - all these guys will be streaming LE the moment it releases, they have hundreds to up to 12000 viewers at a time do you really think EHG wants to watch a shitshow unfold of terrible servers issues on day 1 due to not being able to handle it? you have to remember as a consumer you arent anybody if you dont stream or pull an audience… we are grains of sand in comparison to them

No developer cares about offending 1 player by delaying a release compared to being a complete embarassment to 12,000 viewers spamming “LOL SiHT gAME CANT EVEN LOGIN”

Um, isn’t he an employee?

All you guys are equally guilty for feeding n replying the troll.

And ruining what is otherwise a happy news thread.

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Ok, next time I’ll have the kids sign a Memorandum of Understanding stating that they understand that sometimes #### happens to derail the best laid plans of mice and men.

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Make sure you get it notarized :yum: