“Enter game” button in character screen doesn’t work

I go into the game and can’t press the Enter button when selecting a character offline.

Could you post your player.log and player-prev.log files ?

Player.log (5.0 MB)
Player-prev.log (141.0 KB)

Your log file suggests that the stash has been corrupted:

2023-05-22T18:16:07.0954858+00:00	LE.Services.Login.UserServiceException: Read: Character STASH_0 format invalid for player 979D45BAD79805B2 
 Category: data.offline.stash ---> LE.Services.DataStoreException: Read: Character STASH_0 format invalid for player 979D45BAD79805B2 

You can delete the STASH_0 file and the category file. Copy STASH_0.bak and category .bak and remove .bak extension. This should resolve issue, but you can loose some items etc.

I have a bad English if I understand correctly, I need to delete all files .bak from the saves folder? if not, please explain in simpler words what needs to be done.

  1. Make a copy of “saves” folder.
  2. Delete STASH_0 and STASH_0_TAB_0 files
  3. Copy STASH_0.bak, rename it back to STASH_0.bak, delete the .bak extension
  4. Copy STASH_0_TAB_0.bak, rename it back to STASH_0_TAB_0.bak, delete the .bak extension

The goal is to remove bad files and replace them with backup.

It’s working! thanks for the help. Be happy and prosperous)

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