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I’m unable to enter the game with my characters. When I click ‘enter game’ the first time it freezes for a second as if loading, but afterwards clicking it has no effect at all. This concerns the existing OFFLINE characters.

New characters and online seem to load, but have a persisting loading screen. Same on other servers.

It sounds similar to this issue, that offered solution doesn’t work. “Enter game” button in character screen doesn’t work - #4 by Mieu

Also tried verifying steam files with no result, as well as reinstalling the game.

Player.log (3.3 MB)
Player-prev.log (263.7 KB)
Don’t know if player logs are useful as I just reinstalled.

I’ve checked your log file. I don’t know what happened but it looks like stash files for this character is missing:

2023-05-26T12:15:21.9118084+00:00	LE.Services.Login.UserServiceException: Read: Could not find STASH_2_1 for player ABF476CDABA9E8B8 
 Category: data.offline.stash ---> LE.Services.DataStoreException: Read: Could not find STASH_2_1 for player ABF476CDABA9E8B8 

You options might be to copy different stash file and rename to "STASH_2_1 " and “STASH_2_1_TAB_0”. But before that make backup of save directory.

Thanks for looking into it.

I did have a backup with those files still in it and was able to start the game.

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