Disable Minion Health Bar/Target


I recently started playing as a Primalist and find it kinda annoying to always target my own minions/pets instead of the enemies. Is there a way to not always target them? I’d also like to disable the large health bar for them.

I have found 2 related topics but they got locked due to inactivity:

Yes please, definitely in agreement.

Thanks for the feedback!

I’ll raise this at a future meeting.

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I find it a bit annoying too that most of the time I can’t identify my own health bar when I’m surrounded with my minions. Maybe we could have the option to change our health bar color or make it a bit thicker. Also the health bar sometimes hides behind some objects.

Prolly goes without saying, but this needs to be an option, not a full change - Primalists mostly don’t care about targeting their own minions, but Acolytes absolutely do.

I’m seconding this - also, the UI option to disable/enable healthbars over enemies also causes them to appear over Minions which is really bloody annoying…

I agree. I have a sentinel and found a pair of gloves that spawn bees when I attack. Whenever these bees spawn, their life bars end up on the screen when I’m trying to see the enemy life bars (like they seem to be targeted always over any enemy). I’m low level and the enemies die quickly, but this is something that needs addressing I think.

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