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Do we need to target our pets for anything?

I’m finding it difficult to to select mobs and mini bosses with lots of pets on screen . Other than health bars which are displayed clearly along the top is there a need for them to be clickable or moused over for health reasons ?
Only up to the arena so not to far in yet , so not sure if there are caatable pet buffs yet

One thing would be for spells that you can cast on your minions

Targeting mobs is very difficult at alpha stage.

I would like to see option to avoid targeting my minions in menu settings or removing possibility targeting them at all.
If the buff/curses skills for them ll be introduced, it should be area based so won’t be a problem.

I can think of a few examples. Like thorn armor for beastmaster (its available as part of the thorn burst skill tree).

Those are not targeting buffs skills and it’s not the point.

I’ve tired Entangling Roots as minion buff with Overgrown Patch and Painful Thicket for Imbued Sap for bleed and poison, duration. Didn’t like it, low damage buff, but the most negative part is one less 20 Level skill to use. Usage wasn’t that bad, very long patch but put me on risk to take hit, not being in move. On higher wave one shot even.

It’s to hard target mob for minion attack with shortcut default A key, when most of time you targeting your own minions health bar.

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