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Anyway to make pets healthbar

not show up when the cursor is over them? It gets weird in combat sometimes when their health bar pops up


I’m confused. Do you want to hide the health bars or make it so they are always visible?

There are a few configurable options in settings.

They’re talking about the healthbar that shows in the top middle of the screen. It is a bit annoying, since the pets have a large “hitbox” for this and it persists until something else is hovered over.

Yes, it really is annoying. I can already see my companions hp in the top left anyway so I don’t see the need for it. Hopefully they at least make in an option.

Yeah, agreed.

The minion healthbar across the top is not needed and gets in the way of seeing enemy health. A quick fix is just to remove it as it’s not needed at all as you said.

+1 its crucial to aim properly if your doing a minion build with 40+ pets(mass wraiths)
hard to use the force attack command to make them all go for 1 target.

Ya i found it weird we could aim at our pets and get an enemy/npc type healthbar for them. The healthbar over their heads is more than enough to manage them.

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