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Death's Embrace | Creator Unique Reveal | Coming in Patch 0.8.4!

There’s the unique relic as well that gives 4-6 mana on Harvest, since the mana cost is every 3 Harvests using the relic would give 12-18 mana over that period, plus your natural mana regen would help. Though using a unique relic does lock you out of +harvest and +bone curse. But it would be sufficient to cover the mana cost.

I am incredibly humbled, by how much (positive) discussion this Item already caused over the last 2 days, since the reveal.

I received so much positive feedback already on stream, on discord and here on the forums.
Even some other streamers and content creators already shared and discussed it.

I never ever would have thought, that this will be the case and I want to thank you all!


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Nvm I realised that ur right it wouldn’t cost on the first and second hits so you probably would rely on those to get the mana back so t4 roll on chest should be enough to beat worst rolls.

Another Idea I had was what if Grim harvest also generated the cost as ward.

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Aww, man. I was going to critique this item and then you go and create this warm, fuzzy, happy message. Now I’m going to feel bad (but it won’t stop me from critiquing the item, heheh).

When I see this Unique, I don’t see any fun interactions with the rest of the Harvest Tree. Like others have said, I see it as a stepping stone to compliment, but not wholly replace, a standard rare/exalted Axe. That means if someone already has a really great weapon drop, the Unique sadly becomes selling fodder.

There are already nodes present that allow Harvest to have a Health Cost (Iron Mouths) and a Mana Cost (Wraith Skin). If I were designing this Unique, I would have went the direction of “If Harvest currently has a Health Cost, grant 200% more melee damage for a cost of X% of your current Health. If Harvest currently has a Mana cost, grant 100% increased area.” That way, it would be a BiS slot item if you choose to give the move a Health and Mana cost. It would still be somewhat useful even if you don’t want to spec it that way, but would be more likely to be supplanted by a well-rolled rare.

I have a hard time seeing Wraith Skin being used now, since I don’t see Harvest having any cooldown nodes, and using all of your mana every time you use a move you should be using as much as possible is a hard pass.

I see this Unique being used with the Skull Shards node, as “Harrowing Claim” is used every 3 hits and Skull Shards are used up every 6 hits. For the “minions gain more damage” part of that node, is that a standard 4 seconds? LastEpochTools doesn’t mention a length of time that the minions get more damage, and I didn’t notice any particular DPS increase when I tried to use Harvest as a minion buff tool.

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To be fair, there are ways round that that I mentioned above, plus Wraith Skin would generate more ward for you. I guess it depends what else you’d spend that mana on. I feel that it may not be as bad as you think it will be.

Nah, that is perfectly fine, I already did receive some critique or people saying “I would have done it differently”

I am very happy to discuss different perspectives.

I think the Problem here is, that Harvest’s Skill Specc Tree in General doesn’t have any thing “interesting”. I already did a post a while back with some more suggestions how to make Harvest more modern and compelling.

Now the question is: Is that a good or a bad thing? :stuck_out_tongue:

I intentionally wanted this Item to be not superior in every way, because I hate when Uniques are BiS (literally).
Even if you personally value the defensive traits of a very well crafted item more, seeing my unique dropped on the ground still might make you “look at it” and see how the rolls are (because the rolls are intentionally very wide)

That is a very interesting standpoint.
I personally always saw “Wraith Skin” as a Minion Node, since it works very well together if Harvest is not your main dps skill (like being a Summoner and in conjunction with “Undead Veins”)

While this might be something that is good for big per hit damage, the “Skull Shards” Node itself is not particular strong, effectively it’s a 10% more multiplier/point, which is good, but not amazing.

Anyway, I highly appreciate any feedback in discussion, so thank you for taking the time to post your opinion. It means a lot to me!

Took me 30s to go from “oh, Heavy’s gonna like this one” to “oh wait, he kinda… Allready knows.”

Nice weapon, seems balanced !


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