Cursor Size/Color option?

Just started to try this game out and one thing bothering me from the start is that the cursor seems a little small or that the color blends into the terrain very badly in background. Is there or will there be an option to scale it a little larger or change the color of it? A solid color would be preferred.

Dev’s are aware of the request and it’s not as simple to code as you may think so this as an accessibility feature is not coming on launch or in the near future.

They have given their blessing for players to use Yolomouse a 3rd party program you can find on Steam to alter cursor size, shape, color.

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I understand a “scaling” option may need a little time to code but having 3-4 different assets for a cursor shouldn’t take that long even if its a microtransaction. I understand it’s probably not a “top priority” but I do think it’s important when interacting with bosses or using single target skills.

Get Yolomouse from github or buy it on steam and all your courser problems in all games are gone.

If all you need is a bigger cursor, and not a different render/color, then you can increase your cursor size in windows (settings/devices/mouse/adjust mouse cursor & size) and it will also increase in LE.
Otherwise, for now at least, you need yolomouse.

They’ve said that due to how the game is coded it’s not a trivial thing to do at all. Why that is the caee I have no idea, but that is what they have said & they would know the guts of their code.

Not bad solution, however would like to keep my pc cursor as is. Yolomouse seems meh.

Don’t say that. You’re giving me D4 PTSD.

I guess I have to just Get Good.

You could increase cursor size to play LE and turn it off afterwards. You could probably even make a macro with AutoHotkey or something similar.

I haven’t tried Yolomouse yet, since I saw no need so far, but lots of people seem to enjoy it. I hear it’s especially useful that you specify it for whichever game you want and it turns it on and off depending on which window you’re focusing (I think).

There are times when I lose track of the mouse, but it’s never a big issue. I’m used to it due to years of PoE where you pretty much lose track of anything, even mobs or your own character, amidst the visual explosions going on all the time :joy:

I am new to the game as well and found this to be an issue as well. I would also like to see text options (size / font) put into future updates.

Yolomouse is THE tool that makes everything you want happen and it’s meh? Tell me your issue isn’t important without telling me your issue isn’t important.

If you don’t need it why should you use it anyway? There are some snippits of @boardman21 videos these days where you see YM in action. It’s just a tool to make your mousecourser almost whatever you want as big as you want and as colourfull as you want. It’s just nice to have but no must have if you keep track.
I like YM a lot even when it’s unintuitive at first. I even bought it on steam just to have it arround always :smiley: .

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Seen Raxx use it. Looks very ugly, with a very ugly design. Cost $4. I’ll stick with the in game option, I don’t want that ugly thing on my screen. I’m not blind enough to want to use yolomouse, I just prefer the option like in Poe 3 different colors with each having inverted options and a few size change.

With Yolomouse, you choose which design you want to use. Also size and color. And there’s a free version on github as well.

They are all bad designs, they look like they are made with minecraft.

You can add any cursor you want. There are instruction on adding whichever you want, either one you made yourself or just one design you got from google.

I personally don’t use Yolomouse because I don’t have a problem with the game cursor, but their software is pretty good for what it does. So you can have whichever mouse cursor you want, even the ones from PoE.

Some people can’t be helped :man_shrugging:

It’s really not that big of a deal, but shouldn’t have to rely on a third party program for something this basic. I’m not going to go out of my way to do download a third party program for a simple QOL feature that I would expect to be in the game already.

You mean a simple QoL feature that barely any game has? PoE has one but because it was also a chance to sell more MTX, D4 has a limited version of this (for now anyway), no other ARPG has this that I’m aware of, nor do the large majority of games (AAA or not) in any genre, other than FPSs, and even those are usually limited as well.

I mean, it would be a nice option, but we’ve already heard from the devs that this is not an easy thing to do, so using a 3rd party program for this isn’t a big issue, especially on ARPGs where you usually run a bunch of QoL 3rd party programs already.

I suspect that was for high visibility rather than looking nice.

If it is such a simple QoL feature why isn’t it in every game instead beeing a realy rare sight outside of changing crosshair colours in shooter games? For YEARS YoloMouse is the answer to the need of people to have a more visible courser. The indusrty is behind years of QoL when it comes to the most basic needs of gamers when they make games with a lot going on on the screen.

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Most games dont need an adjustable cursor. ARPG’s are the exception and there are only a few worth playing imo. POE and D2. D2 has a really nice one built in with low mob density. POE has options. As i said before its very low priority and not a big deal to use the in game one, I would just like the option instead of downloading and setting up a third party for a cursor which is just silly imo. If I’m downloading a third party program it will be for something that is significant. Not wasting my time setting up a cursor for one game.