Crafting Material looting - QOL improvement

I did have a look but maybe its further back, as im sure this has been mentioned, but now we coming out of the bad week 1 hopefulyl its time to start thinking of QOL

Why cant we have crafting shards , Runes & Glyphs automatically picked up like Gold, im not tgalking of other items, but amount of time it gets messy having to click on 1 shard to grab them all - the fact its sort of halfway to my QOL should make it a easy fix.

This wont affect gameplay, it wont change any core systems just make it smoother gameplay

TL;DR all crafting inventory items are picked up by walking over them like you do with gold :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, it’s wayyyy further back.
This has been discussed for at least 4 years now, and Devs always said they have no intentions to make this happen. The reason was they don’t want them to feel like gold or some currency, and players have to actively engage with them.
Unless something changed and I’m not aware of.

Edit: if you google it, you’ll see the infinite amount of reddit posts asking for it since ever.


Weird given that they keep saying how they are driven by community feedback. Seems like an archaic mechanic from older ARPGs but hey, they made a good game, it’s not a major inconvenience and at this point I trust them enough to make decisions

There are people a lot of people arround who eat whatever they get served by EHG even if it’s a poop sandwich. I just exagerrate here to deliver the point :wink: . A lot of people say “Remember back then when everything was far worse? We come so far now we have no reason to argue the system in place!”.
In all the other threads where people talked about autolooting shards, no matter in what quality, some people are for autoloot, some people were againt autoloot and some people were againt the people who want autoloot ^^.
I have no real idea why EHG is against it and not delivering on it and all theories I can think about need a tinfoil hat.

Well, but even if they’re completely driven by community feedback, they still have to draw a line defining what they are willing to do or not.
Otherwise, people will soon be asking for auto-play or something

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Of course, but in this case it really seems like it’s something most arpgs have and there is little reason to not have it in LE

This has been discussed a lot, and it is expected to see a few more of these threads to pop out now that the game is in it’s 1.0.

Listening to feedback does not imply that the feedback is always directly incorporated into the game. This in particular seems to be one of the topic on which they were the most adamant about.
There was a very extensive discussion on this about one year ago - link.

This was one of the arguments about keeping it the way it is (among others, if you want the full picture you probably should read the thread).


youre overthinking it. they said why themselves, you dont need to make up reasons for it or put on a tinfoil hat: they dont WANT it to feel that automatic.
I think its perfectly fine to disagree and say you dont care about whether or not it feels automatic, and even say you’d prefer it to feel automatic, but honestly unless youre super early in the game the dropped ones arent even where you’ll find the vast bulk of your crafting mats.
Besides, I personally quite like being able to see when a rare one drops rather than having them all automatically enter my inventory so I have no idea what im getting. It all just ends up dumped into a broad category anyway so that little bit of filtering to make me aware of them does indeed make it feel very distinct from gold, which is their stated objective.

At the end of the day, no matter which way they make it happen, some players are going to be upset about it. They have no obligation to deliver on it, and already stated their reason for not wanting to do it. You still having no idea why thats the case after they said as much is on you.

Huh… its not? There’s literally no games with a similar crafting system. The closest being PoE, which does NOT have auto-loot for currencies.

I personaly don’t care about it because I’m used to it but I understand everybody who thinks that the system in place is needlessly complicated. Shards are rather unimportant because most shards you want you get from shattering/removal anyway. After all the hours I played I don’t even look what droped I simply move them to my crafting inventory when my actual inventory is full.
It would be equaly bad if you had to pick up gold that piles up in your inventory and thenn need to pack it into your goldpouch. All that matters in the end of the day is if you have gold and if it is enough. Same goes for crafting materials you either have them or not.

I just don’t care about those shards and I can’t see the importance of them to A need to pick them up and B manualy move them into a different inventory. To me at least B is completely unnessesary because I can open up my crafting window to take a look if I have the shards I want or I can open the crafting inventory to see what shards I have.

It’s just needlessly complicated from my point of view. Then again I just do it becausethings are like they are and I can be happy with a game I only like 70% about it ^^.

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