Controller Support Feedback

Since (i think) every class gets one , i guess they could add a checkbox in the game options to have movement abilities auto target vs follow movement direction.
A more immediate approach could be to have them auto target only if you’re not pushing the movement stick.

Hey guys, just want to say I love your game! I know this is probably not the best place, but I’d like to make a suggestion regarding the control scheme, specifically with controllers/remotes. I have played many hack n slash, rpg, and rts games over the years.

I grew up on Titan Quest years back. Recently, they surprised us with a new expansion, and seemingly out of the blue, controller support. I tested it with heavy skepticism, but wow was I surprised! It has the verh best of the best, most natural control scheme I’ve ever played in a game like this! So here we come to my suggestion: have a look at their control scheme, how it works, how it navigates.

It feels very fluid and natural, and the UI completely swaps over the minute you touch a controller, becoming MUCH more user friendly as well. I humbly ask that you guys really test that system, the layout, controls, targeting etc. And employ some of that in your ongoing process with adding full controller support. Thanks for listening!


I think controller support is good. The controller feels better than the keyboard in my eyes, that is just strange for this type of game. As there can only be 5 skills to use and no hotkeys so controller is the way to go i think

I tried controller recently and was impressed how good it works.

Just one thing is a bit odd: When I come near a map exit or the chest or an npc, the game tells me to press “A”. But that won’t do anything. I need to first activate the mouse cursor by using the right stick and hover over said element of interaction.

Imho it should just be possible to directly activate things with pressing “A” when the popup is there.

Next thing is that pressing “B” acts like Escape most if the times (as it should be and is very intuitive). But not on the skill and passive trees. Having these windows open requires me to use the right stick again to move the mouse to the top right “x” to close the window. That’s clunky.

Maybe this has been brought up already. I have to admit that I didn’t read through this thread, sorry! :sweat_smile:

I don’t have this behavior. For me, it works exactly as you say it should. That’s strange.

Cannot turn while channeling skills with a controller. Not sure if there is a fix for that, or something yet to implement.

I can turn while channeling Warpath.
Other channelled skills are not supposed to turn, if I remember well.
Which ones did you have a problem with?

I was using channeled Flurry as melee. I didn’t test other channeled skills yet.

OK, I see what you mean. And I agree.

Hi guys !
Some suggestions : (xbox 360 gamepad)
Selecting passives when level up :

  • lock the selection to the start or last point invested , to use analog stick/dpad for control .

Selecting skills level ups :

  • for now we can only use dpad , we should be able to use analog as well .
  • Now if we enter skill window , we use dpad to move between skills , and if we select a skill , if we keep using dpad , it switches to the skill bar on top , not moving through the tree , if we start using dpad for moving between skills , we should be able to continue using
    dpad for moving inside the tree as well .

Same for map waypoint navigation, when using map/waypoint , the selection should snap/point/lock to the waypoint you curently are at , lock to it , and move from there .

All in all , dpad/analog shtick should have same controlling scheme up/down/left/right . Diagonal selection is clunky anyway .

Please disable char moving when windows are open and also i think you guys should head into the direction of disabling cursor everywhere , at least add that option . we are using gamepad for a reason .

Thanks for reading !

Edit : When moving inside the inventory , if u go to sort items and press left dpad , it jumps all the way arround to transfer crafting items , but if u go to transfer crafting items and press dpad right , it does not jump all the way arround to sort items .

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With this configuration I cant access the top center (1x2) idol. It just jumps from one 1x3 to the next.

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The best controls i have ever experienced were the gamepad controls of Diablo 3 on the Xbox. Control wise this game got it all right. A quick look where the skills were located was enough. After that i was able to just dive into the game and forget about the controls because they were so intuitive.

Sorry for my ignorance if I won’t read all the reported issues or suggestions.

I use the game with an Xbox one wired controller. The issues I’m facing. (Steam, Xbox Conf support, Generic GP Conf support)

  • Picking up loot from the ground stops functioning, clicking with the mouse will resolve
  • Controller stops functioning entirely during the session, clicking with the mouse will resolve (rare)
  • Game minimizes itself to desktop (rare)

I have only one request, which may have already been suggested.

  • Please add an option to disable auto-targeting and execute the skill in the facing direction of the character.

Happy gaming


So far I like the controller support, except for 2 major points:

  • Auto-Target should have the option to be disabled. Especially for movement skills. Using a movement skill to escape a mob is not possible at all and using ramping to run through maps is frustrating with auto-targeting
  • Controller key mapping doesnt seem to work for me. I do not seem to be able to change any keys. Removing the Zoom buttons, which are beside the Dungeon button, would be awesome!

I thought I would leave a little updated feedback for controllers. For the most part, a lot has improved. Kudos to the controller guy. Here are my remaining gripes:

1.) Targeting things like a waypoint when standing next to one (I tend to use my mouse and keyboard for that as it’s hard to target the waypoints).
2.) Nodes not being highlighted when using the dpad or left joystick in the passive point window (this should function just like putting in skill specialization nodes, you shouldn’t need to use the right joystick to control a cursor). It might be the same with the waypoint menu also. I’ll double check in a little bit and edit.
3.) Movement skills shouldn’t autotarget monsters for the most part (Trying to move away from a boss can be bad when teleport puts you right on top of the boss).

I think when those few issues get fixed, controller support will be in a great position. Keep up the good work!

Dropping in to say first off, I greatly appreciate controller support - it’s by far my preferred method of input these days simply due to comfort and ergonomics, so you’re hitting a double whammy of accessibility and preference in a good way.

That said, controller support still needs work - from simple stuff like hard bound keys (why on earth is the easily accessible dpad wasted on zoom in/out and hardbound instead of inventory, map, overlay map, you get the idea) to more complex stuff like targeting logic for movement skills (no I do not in fact wish to leap with furious rage at that pottery) to minor but annoying ui quirks (why is A ‘hold’ for menu sliders instead of RT or simply moving the left stick?)

The support right now feels functional, and generally better than PoE’s first real crack at it, but it still has a lot of rough edges and little annoyances - too many to list off the top of my head honestly.

Out of curiosity, do you have devs on the team who only play on controller? Many of the issues I’m encountering that bother me feel like stuff that would be instantly noticeable to anyone who plays games like this (or exactly like this in the case of D3/D4/Grim Dawn). This isn’t a dig btw, genuine curiosity, I realize dev resources are limited and controller polish may be well down the list behind other fires.

If I had any direct asks at the moment, they would probably be

  1. Remove hardbound buttons, allow free binding
  2. Add controller chords - e.g. hold LT to activate chords, press another button to execute an action (take a look at FF14 for an example of how powerful chords can be to cover a massive range of actions on a pad - and LE has nowhere near that many needed sub-actions)
  3. Add an ‘on release’ option for interacting with the currently hardbound radial menu - instead of select>direction>release select, it would be select>direction>release direction and it triggers. An alternate version of this that used the dpad instead would also be really nice, no need to use both hands, there’s only eight options in the menu (even faster with chording)

And a small bug, controller input velocity resets every time you restart the game back to 1

Anyhow, your efforts thus far are appreciated, I hope you continue to polish and refine what’s there, it could be really strong with more time and effort.

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First, thanks for getting pad support to where its at, it has problems, but it is competent. I have just started messing around with pad, but here are two things that happen often -

  1. Randomly, the right stick will stop functioning properly with regards to items on the ground. It will no longer recognize items, let me move between items in close proxemity, etc etc. I have to exit to desktop for this bug to stop, going back to main screen doesnt do it.

  2. Movement skill are a bit jank at times. With me Lich, when I try to tp away from a boss or huge group of mobs, sometimes I will end up exactly where I do not want to be. Also, there seems no way to control distance of movement skills, you either go a set distance or you hit something and go an even shorter distance.

Overall, totally playable, just needs some more time in the oven to feel good. Better than PoE’s pad support, but not quite there with Grim Dawns.

Thank you.

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Hi all,

I didn’t read all of the comments so my apologies in advance if I mention something that has been discussed ad nauseam. I am really enjoying the game but sometimes the controller controls which I prefer in any game are almost a bit game breaking I think or at least make me roll my eyes. lol.

I saw many ppl mention the mobility skills, and that has been mentioned ages ago and there seems to be no improvement. I played as a druid mainly so far and in wear bear form, the skills where you charge forward, I don’t know what its called makes me charge into some object more often than not instead of away(incase I am hurt) or into a group of enemies. In a brief dabble in the rouge class I ran into the exact same problem with dash, its super annoying.
My biggest issue however and I am unsure if it is something that can be changed in the settings is that any attack skill always needs a target. If I press the button I want my toon to do it. It leads to two issues I ran into quite frequently.
The first is that I stand right in front of an enemy which is wailing on me and my guy is just not attacking unless I reposition. I am at the right distance to hit but it ain’t working.
And the second one is that say as a wearbear I do my standard attack, which always puts me a specific distance away from an enemy by default and I hit that enemy all good. But then I use Maul and that distance is just a bit to close to actually connect so I hit behind the enemy. Its a bit frustrating.
Anyway I hope it will be improved in the future or I am missing a setting.


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I made some notes tonight on Controller use and issues I have run into with it.

Inventory: when comparing an item to an equipped one by holding down left stick button, if the stick moves off center it breaks the compare windows and you have to close and reopen inventory to look at them.
Shops are similar, I think when in one of the shop or inventory menus the character movement should be locked until the windows are closed I think.

Free cursor is not great on a controller. Really should be more lock targeted since no one wants to spend time getting the cursor from one end of the screen to the other and try to target something with it. Especially things like the small button to put crafting shards in the crafting bank (can that be automatic?)

Passive menu should allow you to escape out with B like the skill menu.
I am having a better time with the Sorcerer than the Rogue that I initially started. Targeting seems to be a little easier with the spells. Sometimes though you end up shooting away from the mob you were just shooting.