I've been forced to play with a controller

For health reasons I’m temporarily unable to spend a long time holding a mouse and a keyboard. As I spend time like this for work, I had to find something else for games. That’s why I started playing with a controller. I did not want to, I’m an old keyboard/mouse guy, very reluctant to controllers for such a game.

  • Overall, it feels good playing. It’s been difficult to find some functions (the equivalent of the Tab key for example), but it was OK rather quickly. The characters respond very well and the fights are comfortable. It’s a good experience.
  • Navigation in several functions is not totally intuitive (switching from Inventory to NPC shope for example), but once you’ve found the trick, it’s OK.
  • Some windows are not made for controllers at all, or I haven’t understood how. For example, the Passives window.
  • The skill specialization window is not consistent. Most of times I can navigate with the left pad of the controller, from item to item, sometimes I must use the right pad as a mouse emulator.
  • There is at least one bug during the campaign: when I try to select the Lance of Yrun, I hear Grael. No way to take the lance with the A button (XBox One controller), I muse use the mouse emulation.
  • Autocast skills do not work with a controller. Though it can be painful (I have one only char who autocasts), it’s a very good thing.
  • I haven’t tried Minions builds. I see how commanding them could be an issue, but I’m confident EHG will or already has found a way to do it.
  • Now I’m better and I could probably go back to mouse/keyboard. Honestly, I’m not sure I will. Even if it’s not totally optimized, playing with a controller is a real pleasure. I’ll continue for a while, and maybe definitely.

Overall, a big surprise and a very pleasant experience.

Have you tried a “vertical” or ergonomic mouse? What about some of the various gamepads that are like a hybrid between a controller and keyboard? I love the vertical mouse setup. I could never get used to the gamepad style, but I know some people swear by them.

That’s exactly what I said before. Sincerely. For this kind of game, at least. I did not even want to think about it. I tried for one only reason: I did not want to stop playing LE.

No, but it would probably not fit. The position is the same. In fact, just typing on the keyboard can bring the pain. Hopefully, that will disappear.

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Just move the auto skill to a trigger control slot. On pS4 controller I just hold L2 or R2 it keeps recasting should be same for other controllers? not familiar with xbox

Should be, yes.

I bought this game specifically because it allows controller support. My RSI prevents me from playing most games with m+k. Overall, I’m hopeful about their improvements to the experience. I can’t believe how much easier life became with the D Pad Up and Down used to select items on the ground.

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