Constant Disconnections During Loading Screens

Few things to note

  1. I’m playing Online

  2. I’m playing Cycle

  3. The disconnects happen no matter where I am either running through the main storyline with an alt or running monoliths with my main. It’s pretty consistent every 2-4 loading screens.

  4. It only happens when I’m loading a new area, The moment I enter a loading screen the disconnect error pops up and I’m sent back to the character selection screen. I load back in sometimes I get disconnected the first loading screen, other times it’s after a few.

  5. The Disconnections don’t seem to be party related as it happens if I’m solo or in a party most of (at least 95%) my experiences have been while solo.

Things I’ve tried to fix the issue

  1. I have 8 different characters, the results where the same on of them.

  2. Changing servers didn’t help. Servers I’ve tried include: US West (29ms), East (82ms), Central (55ms), EU West (158ms), and Asia East (150ms)

  1. I’ve used a VPN to put me all over the place, even turned it off completely.

  2. I’ve changed my DNS multiple times to no avail.

  3. My firewall has Last Epoch as an exception

  4. Google Cloud is not an issue

  5. I’ve Verified my files twice now, and nothing was missing or corrupted.

Frustration rant:
I’m currently struggling to even play the game longer than 10 minutes. When I hit a loading screen in, boom instant disconnection or the map loads. I can stay in an area or town with literally no problems if i successfully load into it. This problem began after the last update (March 20th) and hasn’t blown over yet which is really frustrating. I’ve played at different times of the day and night as I assumed maybe the servers were overloaded during popular hours but even in the dead of night I’m greeted with this denial message.
I have over 300 hours into the game and just now I’m not able to play.
I don’t have this problem with any other game, I have extremely good internet, I use ethernet connection (even replaced the cable)
This isn’t a hardware issue as my PC is literally brand new (about 2 weeks), and I didn’t have any problems until after the most recent patch.
I have no driver, software, or windows updates.
I just want to play the game while I can when I can, having children and being a full time worker makes this extremely frustrating when my gaming time turns into disconnect time making things that normally take 2-3 mins almost a full 10+ mins and that’s assuming there is a waypoint i can teleport to.
Not sure if there’s anymore information I can give that can be helpful.

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i have this problem with campain. only disconnect when loading, between locations.

similar problem , but dont get the crash window. it just freezes on an endless loading loop. nearly unplayable after most recent updates. Also did every single repair known and no luck . sad times. A temp move char to offline could save us.

reporyted in multiple topics:

seems that game dev is not reading this forum

I’ve been having this happen since launch, I love this game but I can’t handle another cycle getting disconnected 15+ times an hour. They really need to offer a way to move characters offline until these issues can get fixed.

It’s actually a lot when I’m speed running through the campaign, I can’t tell you how annoying it is to be making an alt character and basically play the campaign twice due to disconnects.

We still have no official response, very good.

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