Client crashes upon connecting

It is good to know that Middle Eastern users are not one of your top priorities, and It is really funny that a whole new long waited feature (multiplayer) is not working completely for us and you seem to have another top priorities than such kind of issue.

It is not an ISP issue. I have absolutely NO ISSUE connecting or playing any another online game. I had no issue getting into DIABLO 4 beta, except the long wait. Maybe you all should contact Blizard. They seem to know what they are doing with beta testing and game launches.

I am already having a blast there (Diablo 4), unfortunately it is only 2 days early access followed by another 2 days open beta. All I care about now is to find a gap filler the coming 2 months until it fully releases, after that no need to search for any other ARPG for the next 10 years to come, because simply all other competitors (or most of them to be fair) have failed to deliver a quality enjoyable game that is accessible for all and treats all of its players from all over the world equally.

being aggressive like this never solves anything.

Its not their fault that our ISP ( government ) is actively blocking traffic.
from tcp/ip blocking to dns blocking to “Deep packet inspection” even.

Most VPNs don’t work for us anymore and even the working ones are required to constantly change their tunnels and proxies to be able to work for us.

you are blaming them for not prioritizing our problem
well, think how many users are affected.
And if they let go of other issues that probably are affecting thousands more players what will they be losing instead?

This is misdirected blame guys its not their fault that we have regulations that block traffic like that where we live

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I completely agree with you, that being aggressive won’t help in solving anything rather complicate things, but speaking of myself, I am not being aggressive rather being frustrated that the patch I waited so long for and stopped myself to make any progression offline to find out that after all the waiting it was for nothing, also based on the responses I saw on different tickets I can sense a little bit of neglection as the problem is happening for middle eastern users knowing that we paid the same price of the game like any other user from any other region and we have the right to get our issues prioritized and solved with a convenient time (respecting SLA for such kind of issues). And this is a major issue that you, me and others are completely blocked by from using such a major feature in a game that we bought and waited for so long to have such feature!.

I’m glad that you are investigating it, and you took the time clearing the misunderstanding about the cause of the problem. We as users, don’t have the proper tools to investigate by ourselves. So we resort to whatever the closest reason we assume.

Please forgive frustration of people that can’t even enter the game in multiplayer. Which is a drastic failure, not just a small inconvenience.

It’s no surprise though that multiplayer have drastic issues at beta. I have to remind my fellow countrymen that Last Epoch didn’t launch, it’s still in Beta. It’s that way so they can fix issues before launch.

While I have no faith in our ISP in Egypt, we have no other choice but to trust EHG to do their best. Because in Egypt, all other ISPs are under the wing of We/TeData, and anything blocked/banned it blocked country wide, not only ISP wide. So we don’t have the option to magically change our ISP and get anything resolved

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Thank you so much for looking into it! I will keep my hopes up and hopefully soon the team can have good news for us :smiley:

Also, @elnawawi thank you for doing your due diligence on the matter <3

Ceeyaa, this first part is not for you. I along with you am extremely frustrated that I can not launch and play a multiplayer game.
Not sure why someone is suggesting anyone is being aggressive. Is it because I typed in all caps? Get real. This multiplayer launch for Last Epoch was a fail for many players. I am one of them and I am not overseas, like some of you are in this post.
Ceeyaa, I agree with you. This game is a blast. I still play offline when I have nothing use to do and hope the online if fixed. Still waiting for that.
What I’ve played of D4 is great, its going to be awesome.
I stopped playing POE because I didnt want to have to use a spreadsheet and a calculator to try and figure out how to level characters and I got tired every season of the dang skill tree being redone or nerfed to the point of having to build a specifc build. Good game but the gaming has been taking out of it.
But you are right, there are not enough games out there of this quality.

In another random decision, Egypt have blocked a Google service named Firebase Hosting. I don’t know what this service is, but they think it’s used to cloudhost some copyrighted TV shows … So they just went on and blocked it…

Might be related or unrelated, but it’s an example of what we are dealing with on daily basis.

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