Change exclusive echo reward nodes to only reward one item type

One of the frustrations with “target farming” I have in this game is that despite all monoliths having exclusive echo reward nodes they always reward one of several item types. E.g. instead of just rewarding unique boots we get unique or set boots instead.

One of the worst offenders is “Unique or Set Staff or Sceptre”, which can either drop a unique staff or a set staff or a unique sceptre or a set sceptre. As of today it’s one of the following items:

  • Aberrant Call
  • Aergon’s Refuge
  • Bo’s Anarchy
  • Boardman’s Plank
  • Culnivar’s Claim
  • Curse of Perseverance
  • Dragonflame Edict
  • Firestarter’s Torch
  • Frozen Ire
  • Gaspar’s Will
  • Halvar’s Pledge
  • Hazelroot
  • Jasper’s Searing Pride
  • Omnividence
  • Plague Bearer’s Staff
  • Vilatria’s Downfall

That is 16 items out of which you only want one. Add to that the the low chance of getting the item to drop with legendary potential and good ranges on the affixes and you end up spending hours upon hours and never getting anything worth your time at all.

When farming for Aberrant Call I uncovered the whole web four times hoping to find these exclusive nodes and only one occasion I found 3 nodes. All other times there was only 1. Needless to say I never got the staff to actually drop and just felt like I wasted several evenings of playing and not getting anything in return.

It would make sense for chances to be low if there were a ton of these exclusive echo reward nodes in each monolith and I would have 10-15 attempts per web but as it stands if all you get is 5-7 from 4 webs then it’s just not a fair (or rewarding) use of my time.

My suggestion is to, firstly, change nodes to reward one rarity/type items, e.g. “unique staff”, “unique sceptre”, “set staff” or “set sceptre” and, secondly, significantly increase the number of unique echo reward nodes the higher your corruption is. I’m currently at 300 in one of my monoliths and I’m stiil getting 1-2 staff/sceptre nodes per web.

As for other examples - it’s even worse with shields, which are “Unique or Set Shield” as there are 18(!) set and unique shields in the game.

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I do understand your core complaint.

But I do have one question and you have some wrong assumption.

Do you use other methods of increasign your chances of droppign a desired item as a random drop? Namely The Drop Rate Blessings for Unique Items and Staves? You can do that while doing the target farming for those specific nodes to greatly increase the amount of randomly dropped staves.

Regarding your wrong assumptions:
Both of the rewards types you mentioned are not the worst contenders and teh amount of items that in them is also wrong.

These echo type rewards can only grant items that are available as random drops.

Here is an overview of all the rewards types and how many items are in them respectively:

  • Fall of the Outcasts: Bows, Quivers 12
  • Stolen Lance: Staves, Scepters 14; Wands, Catalyst 12
  • The Black Sun: Helmet 16; Shields 12
  • Blood, Frost & Death: Body Armours 14
  • Ending the Storm: Gloves 18
  • Fall of the Empire: Belts 12
  • Reign of Dragons: Swords, Daggers 19; Axes, Maces, Polearms 26
  • The Last Ruin: Relics 14
  • The Age of Winter: Rings 14; Amulets 14
  • Spirits of Fire: Boots: 14

I do actually. I have a perfect 22% roll on the unique drop rate blessing and an almost perfect staff drop rate blessing. I specifically got them so that I could farm Aberrant Call. They didn’t seem to do much :smiley:

Ok that’s great, because for some reason many people in a simialr situation like yours were not aware that these do work as well.

They obviously only help you getting some extra rando mcahnces, but the item type blessings are particularly good, because they also give you mroe exalted items for that item type, which means more fuel for the legendary crafting.

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I’ll trade you a 3LP Aberrant Call for a Scurry.
Still farming for a scurry after about 200 hours.

Nah I’m good, I hate squirrels

I want Orobyss’s minions to feel your pain, then…

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