Can't update my account

Good Evening

today I want play the game again and can’t update my account

I’ve screenshots from the complete progress. I also verify the date from last epoch via steam. don’t work:

1: Screenshot by Lightshot
2: Screenshot by Lightshot
3: Screenshot by Lightshot
4: Screenshot by Lightshot
5: Screenshot by Lightshot

What can I do that I can play this game again?

merry X-Mas


same problem here :-/ been playing for hours come back after eating and suddenly i can’t log in anymore.

my problem i played it at steam in the past and i was confused so i delay it

today i want give the game an new chance and than this

that sucks

i buy this game from steam and have same problem here, its tell me to update my account… now i can’t play, hope this will fix soon

Same here. Bought on Steam some weeks ago. Played almost 50 hours.
This evening i wanna play after not playing the game for some days and
start the game i got the account migration notification.
Login with steam at the website is no problem.
But still can´t log in to the game :-/

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my game is also from steam. at steam i played in the past. this version dont want playable

i cant understand why i cant verify my mail adress. cause that’s the same mail adress that i use for steam and other games

there is possibly the answer. i found this post on the technical support forum.

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thats so fail

that steam player cant play it

if the game was at steam, no problems to play it

Thank you! I just made a new topic regarding this issue before i saw this convo

np for the thread.

i open it after i test all way that i know to run games. after that i thought maybe a forum where the publisher or maybe other persons can fix this problem

so merry x-mas and a good weekend

wtf i asked them for a name change. they do it and now in my account my e-mail is confirmed and i can play this game

so maybe it works for you all, too

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