Can't read adv tooltips using 32:9 ultrawide resolution

Advanced tooltip/more information tab hidden by another window in 5120x1440 resolution.


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Hey thereā€¦ Welcome to the forumsā€¦

I dont think many people are playing the game at this resolution so its very likely that no-one else has ever tested/see this before - devs includedā€¦ So thanks for postingā€¦ I also see that the distortion in the map is quite pronounced at this aspect ratioā€¦

Out of interest, considering the games current beta/unoptimised state, what kind of stability and performance are you experiencing at this resolutionā€¦ From what I can tell from helping out here for the last year, even people on 3090s etc are not running the game at this resolution (or aspect ratio) for stability sake.

(system info & le_graphicsmanager.ini settings would be interesting if you were willing to provide them).

One of either @XLVI_carpo or @TriKster has an ultrawide monitor.

Yes Raw has one

Thats why I said ā€œdont think many peopleā€ Dadā€¦ :lollipop:

Yeah, but at least 1 CT has an ultrawide & he would have complained if the tooltips were borked.

I have. I made a PowerPoint presentation for Mike with all the issues of the ultra wide screen. Not being able to read the tooltips was one of them (or at least I wrote a bug report).

Edit: You even responded to my report, @Llama8. Seems like your memory chips have a malfunctionā€¦ :exploding_head:

While he solved some UI problems, he also told me that this stuff in on very low priority, currently.

What helps for me is going into windowed mode by ALT+Enter, drag the window to one half of your screen (making it snap so it has normal 16:9 ratio). The tooltip is shown correctly then. After that you can maximize the window and ALT+Enter back to fullscreen (donā€™t forget to maximize the window first, cause you would get just a 16:9 fullscreen with black bars).

Hope this little workaround helps a bit.

@vapourfire the performance is not different from playing in common resolution. Iā€™ve made 5-10 fps less than before.

have about 35 average fps, but that is before i got to the sands of majasa content. then i dropped down to between 3 and 11 fps, it is basically unplayable right now. le_graphicsmanager.ini (472 Bytes)
DxDiag.txt (89.9 KB)

Honestly, with the unoptimised state of the game combined with your high settings & resolution & GPU, I am not surprised you are getting that level of fpsā€¦

The game is unoptimised and at your resolution every little feature or thing that can affect performance is exponentially more impactfulā€¦

Something has to give way imhoā€¦ My advice if you want to play at that huge resolution, would be to reduce your in-game settings quality to Very Low and set your FPS limit to about 40fps.

Although, I would probably consider a lower resolution in addition to lower quality settings - personally I would rather have better fps than quality or resolution - so for me 50-60fps is acceptableā€¦ To be honest, I would not play LE if all my hardware could manage was 35fps. but thats just me.

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