Cannot get past Select for Online Character

Steps to Reproduce:
Luanch game > Login Online > Select New Character or Existing > Connecting popup shows > Game Crashes.

Things to Note:
I am able to play characters in offline.
I have validated and re-installed the game.
I have disabled Steam and Discord overlays.
The graphics settings have been set to the lowest settings.
I am not running 3rd party firewall/virus scanners etc.
Most recent graphics drivers are installed.
Windows is up to date.
Computer restart multiple times.
Game being ran as administrator.

DxDiag.txt (129.6 KB)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (491 Bytes)
Player.log (89.3 KB)
Player-prev.log (89.3 KB)

I’ve had this issue for almost a year now. Came back to see if it ever got fixed and it hasnt. Many others have this same problem and only with this game.

Same issue for me, but only with my Fiber internet(Small local company). When I switch my ethernet cable to my Cable internet(Xfinity) it works fine, same with vpn.

I have the exact same issue. I cannot play unless I use my vpn… I wish the devs would comment on one of these posts. I started one, seen a few other. Have not seen a useful post or fix for this from anyone…

Same here, purchased the game last month and ran into this same issue and was only playable online with a VPN or my mobile hotspot. I’ve read and researched and it seems like many folks are encounter this problem for the better part of a year now with no resolution. At this rate I don’t think we will get a fix for this because it seems like it seems like something with their servers.

same here, this issue started as soon as I switched from Spectrum to a local Fiber ISP. The game runs with no issue in offline mode. was hoping 1.0 would fix it.

Same issues here. happened even when i was playing before the launch.
I came back for the 1.0 launch hoping this was fixed.
It should be a ISP to game server issue, but this is the ONLY game i have this issue with. And I don’t want to change my ISP over this.

My issue resolved when the 1.0 release ocured. I was able to work around it by getting a VPN. I use Comporium internet Provider. After the 1.0 release I tried to connect without using VPN and it worked. I did nothing to resolve it.

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