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Cannot edit my post that are older than X days

So far i found no post of mine, that is older than 8 days, i can still edit.
I am not sure what the exact threshold is.

This really makes maintaining OP of threads hard.

I hope this is only temporairly or gets fixed.

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The threshold had been 1 day for new users, and 7 for others.

I don’t see a strong argument to change the former - particularly with how quickly one ceases to be considered a new user. For the latter I can appreciate that the new limit may have been unduly harsh - however previously there was no limit at all, and imposing one was very much intentional. I’ll change it to 2 months, which is an approximation of the upper bounds of what I am comfortable with. I’m open to further discussion on the subject for sure. I don’t think it’s healthy for there to be no limit at all, and I’d be strongly opposed to returning to that.

That’s fair.

Would it be possible to get permission for very specific threads to be unlimited editable?
I am not sure how much extra manual moderation that would cost you guys overall, when alot of people request that.

I personally mainly speak for my Loot Filter Thread, so i can keep it up to date.
And i assume alot of the other content creator would appreciate that, so they could update and maintain their build guide posts, instead of creating new ones.

Maybe if manuel permission to make threads/post editable longer is too much work, you could create a new “section” inside the forum for “community content”, where this rule is not present? (Just a random suggestion)

Thanks for your reply anyway.

That would be an improvement, then we can update our builds as stuff changes.

Just wanted to chime in again, before the thread get’s closed.

I can’t remember where exactly, but i think we had a brief talk about potential exceptions for the edit on old posts.

Are there any news about it?

Since the Patch Preview mentions defense changes and the new +X to skills affixes my loot filter will get a major shake up.
I would love to be able to edit that post/thread title.

Sorry if this is not appropiate in this topic, but i didn’t wanted to start a new one.

I would like to start updating my build compendium thread asap right before patch drops, can we make this happen please? I just finally got my forum account back up and running.

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As Heavy said it would be really nice to have some kind of community content threads like Andrew’s Community Game Guide, Bankai’s Build Compendium, Heavy’s lootfilter etc.
Maybe the community can vote for these type of topics and once they reach a specific number of ‘‘community upvotes’’ they go under the category Community Content.

But for Builds…is it possible to disable the 2 month restriction under the category ‘‘Classes And Builds’’ once you add for example a new tag called ‘‘build’’? 0.8.1 will bring a lot of changes and many players probably have to rewrite/copy paste their build guides just to make a new thread again for minor or major updates.

What do you think about 3 month since all the big patches are getting released
approximately every 8 weeks? Therefore people have a bit more time to update their guides if they want to. One guide of mine got closed yesterday and this week is the release of 0.8.1 :frowning:

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Thanks for the replies, at least it doesn’t feel like i am alone with this issue now.

I always hate to “speak on behalf” of some1 else, but i just felt, that alot of content creators would feel similar to me.

I just feel like having one updated thread is way better for the forum than creating several new threads.

It helps the forum with not being cluttered and the threads being more visible.

Im sure you have reasons for the 2 month limit being healthy, but as others have stated is there a way for us to get permission for threads to be approved and stay unlocked? There are a few of them in here that need to be constantly updated especially with each new patch.

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For a thread like Heavy’s loot filter thread, might Sarno be willing to update the original post with text supplied to him by Heavy once a patch or so?

The thing is: If we would now know ,that we can’t edit a thread after a given time, i would not include a specific game version in the thread title. And make it more generic.

But the suggesting to inclucde the game version actually came from Sarno himself, haha :smiley:

But some manual edit from a moderator would cause alot of work for them, not sure if that’s a good solution.

Even in case, we would not be able to edit our threads, i would then at least have one last edit, so i can remove the version number of my thread title.