Black screen no matter what I do

I have never had this issue but now I can’t stop having this issue.

I have a great PC and just have the graphics at medium and the antialiasing is TAA and yet…everytime I load up I can Play for a little and then after an echo or entering an echo my screen goes black but I can still move and interact with the game. Then it crashes.

Tried all troubleshooting options and nothing is working.

Welcome to the forums…

Is the following link below similar to what you are experiencing?

If it is, apparently, running a Game File Verification through Steam & Updating the GPU drivers with a clean install has solved it - obviously this is still very new so its hard to say for sure but it seems to have helped others.

If none of the things that others have had success with have worked, then please post your player.log (from the session when the black screen & crash happened) , le_graphicsmanager.ini and the output of a dxdiag report…

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