Beta 0.9k


  • Fixed issues with scene transitions and matchmaking sessions.


This is a relatively smaller patch designed to address issues we were seeing with SQP Matchmaking involving scene transitions.

This patch will go live at 11am CT.

Some things we are currently working on:

  • Dungeon boss door not always working (we apologize for this taking so long)
  • Monolith Echoes occasionally breaking when playing as a Forge Guard
  • Using a skill you don’t meet the weapon requirements for locking you in an animation
  • Rubberbanding, latency and performance problems
  • Monitoring for any other ability use problems

Who would do such a thing?


(Slowly raise my hand :neutral_face:

  • Monolith Echoes occasionally breaking when playing as a Forge Guard

Really hope this is Sentinel in general. I’ve been having this issue on my paladin also. (In fact, I just had it again a moment ago, so I’m afraid it didn’t fix it.)

Yeah, this patch didn’t fix it, it’s in the “working on” section. I’ve only had it on my FG and haven’t really played it much since. My Paladin isn’t high enough level but haven’t played him in a while either so I’ll wait a bit.

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Oh, so it is. Woops.

There’s also a bug with Punish where it makes Consecrated Ground not heal you. Just reported it yesterday. Suffering so you don’t have to. Lol.

there’s also a bug where void strike locks your character for the duration of the cooldown, and you cannot move at all until you cast a different skill, and you cannot do that until the cooldown ends

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Yeah that’s the existing bug with all movement abilities. I experienced that with Lunge yesterday.

What I think that is, is that there is a hidden value during a movement ability that tells the game to ignore your movement clicks until the movement ability ends, and if you get out of sync with the server due to latency, that hidden value stays active on your client because the server hasn’t told the client to release it, which would happen when the client says “Hey I got to the end of the movement ability.” It could also be that the packet with that message gets lost and needs to be resent but can’t be allowed to without also allowing some form of cheating. Since the server missed it, this will never happen. And it only gets overwritten when you use another movement ability, because the client assumes you might have more than one movement ability or a movement ability with more than one charge, so you can trust the client over the server when you recast, as long as your client and the server agree that was possible.

This is an issue with rollback netcode in general, is that as soon as the client and the server disagree, everything breaks. Also, any instantaneous movement ability is going to cause your new position and the position you were moments ago to vary wildlly, meaning if you lag and trigger a rollback during that, you’re going to jerk back and forth between those two positions.

This is probably solvable with AI (probably how they fix this in games like Overwatch is to pre-generate possible future game states and predict when one of them is going to happen) but indie developers don’t have resources to do stuff like that.

Lol dude, I was gonna kinkshame but the moving while channeling smelter’s wrath looks so funny!

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The issue being reffered to is a specific one with FG’s and ring of shields being active when entering timeline quest echoes. There was a thread about it a few patches ago…as long as you dont have RoS active on entry, should be fine.


Oh no I’m having a completely different issue where randomly I’ll just lose all interaction with everything and have to close the game. I wonder if that’s not unique to paladin, even.

This is nice

Patiently awaiting Shaman gameplay/class fixes :sob:

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I noticed that sliding bug when I’m playing this build. It happens if you use Smelter’s Wrath immediately after Volatile Reversal. It’s actually pretty useful. :stuck_out_tongue:

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anyone had this issue? I died without being hurt (still max life) while entering the safe zoom between the Lightless floor 1 and 2 (Titan’s hollow) happened many times.
Death message: slain by a screech from a gloom screecher.

I felt so bad today, I did 6 times lightless in the past 20mins, happened 3 times I couldnt pass to floor 2, and only 2 times I killed the boss, 1 time I could not even progress the boss fight with no “door”!

Any chance getting a toggle at some point for disabling/enabling aim assist?

This was discussed in another thread from March or early April (if I recall). The devs know about the issues with aim assist and have some plans for it. An on/off toggle was also discussed and confirmed to be not outside the realm of possibility.

unfortunately, no eta on either better aim assist or toggle yet.



is void cleave a movement ability?

I didn’t think it was

Can still push bosses all over the place which for some builds causes a problem.

Server stability still shit.

Maybe the new patch 9.1 will fix this stuff instead of just adding to it.

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Yeah it moves you a little bit when you use it. You can increase the distance if you spec it.