Beta 0.9i2 Patch Notes

This update fixes a few regressions that were introduced by 0.9i. We are monitoring for any other bugs that are new to this update, and otherwise our priorities are the same as in our last post. Thank you for your patience and for reporting bugs.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where channeled abilities did not work in Offline if they were not assigned to the first action bar slot (Q by default).
  • Fixed Disintegrate being invisible when converted to Fire or Lighting (the default visual worked).
  • Fixed a bug where items that dropped while item labels are hidden (Z / Alt-Z) would still be hidden after turning item labels back on.

EHG: Your team continually amazes me.
It is why I have stuck with the game for so long.
It is also why this is the only community I am active in.
'nuff said.


Cool stuff, now how about fixing the dad gum dungeon entry problem that prevents me and others from accessing end game content? Been a known issue since 0.9, correct? A little update would be considerate.

From prior patch note 0.9i:


Everytime I try to enter an echo, it sits there and clocks and clocks and doesn’t load

Try verifying game file integrity in Steam

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I am now having this issue after the patch. No problems before. Really limiting my playtime

Thank you; trying that now. Will update

Wow my man! This worked! Thank you so much

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Glad to have helped :slight_smile:

This patch has made this game unplayable for me now! The game perma freezes within 5 to 10 minutes of playtime. Prior to this patch I was able to play the game for 5 hours straight with no lag, freezing…nothing!

In online mode without teaming up.

Before entering the Soulfire Basition Boss Room.

click the door,
the dialog box popped up quickly, making it easy to click Cancel to enter.
If you choose to cancel entry, you can still enter the boss room.
However, in this case, the exclusive unique drop of the boss cannot be displayed.

hidden (Z / Alt-Z) no work to the unique item (normal for other magic and rare items dropped by Boss).