Beta 0.9h Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where deleting a stash category could cause some stash tabs to become inaccessible, making it appear like the items were lost.
  • Added a check to automatically fix any stashes that were affected by the above bug.


Because this stash bug was high priority and reasonably self-contained, we decided it was worth putting out a dedicated hotfix for it. We have many other bug fixes in progress that we plan to release in a more substantial patch next week, following the strategy I mentioned in the 0.9g post.

Here’s some of what we’re working on:

  • We have fixes for reordering transform abilities, Abominations losing abilities on transition and Tempest Strike visuals.
  • We have a fix for changing left mouse button behavior in testing.
  • We have a fix for the Dungeon entrance bug and it has passed our initial testing. Since the problem does not affect everyone evenly, we are doing more testing to confirm.
  • We are also working on a fix for Dungeon boss rooms sometimes being inaccessible, and Julra failing to drop her specific unique items.
  • We are still actively working on client and server performance. This includes CPU, memory and network optimizations and should help improve situations that feel laggy.
  • We are aware that unexpected server region / high latency issues are still occuring and are working on ways to improve this. It’s a somewhat longer term effort than individual bug fixes.
  • We are continuing to monitor for indications of save data loss, and things have looked good this week. We will investigate any reports thoroughly.


No fix for Temporal Sanctum Uniques boss drop ? Boss is not droping any uniques now.

Edit: Sry missed that info! Thanks!

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Please tell me you have a fix for the “LE crashes/reboots computer on login” down the pipe. Very hard to play with that going on.

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" * We are also working on a fix for Dungeon boss rooms sometimes being inaccessible, and Julra failing to drop her specific unique items."

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If only they had addressed this in the post

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After a certain point in Temporal Sanctum and Julra Enemies not taking damage anymore.

Any news with regards to controller on PC losing ability to pick up items? :pray:


Friends and I have been loving this latest patch (multiplayer) and been getting our ARPG fix. Not sure if this was mentioned prior but, skill modifiers from gear not showing on the skill trees past level 20 has been a bit wonky to work around. Overall a big step in the right direction and we can’t wait to see what more is to come. Thank you for such a great game!

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Any info about Throwing Hammer skills disapearing from screen on stairs and slopes?

Also can we have different icons/color for players showing on mini map? It’s extremely confusing in multiplayer to find your party members when the icons its the same for everyone.

Error LE-51 An Unknown Error Occured. Cant login anymore since then? Anyone got this too?

yes i got the same error :frowning:

edit: try to restart your PC.
This did the trick for me :wink:

No fix yet for bosses that can’t be targeted by certain skills such as Smite :frowning:


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thank you for your hard work with amount of bugs this patch has brought. im excited for each hot fix now XD keep up great work EHG

My wishlist for fixes of issues that should be known and already reported:

  • Chat and graphics settings are not applied correctly / keep resetting (that one deserves a hotfix)
  • Fury Leap still sometimes getting you stuck in place where you land
  • Baby Scorpions don’t get teleported into timeline echoes with the player
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Yeah, Lagon is a pain with Smite builds, Though I was the only one suffering this.

You are not the only one suffering from this. It even affects Javelin when it’s specced to cast Smite. You can toss it over the ledge to attack Lagon but it does very very trivial damage. Better than nothing though.

The entire game became stuttered, No matter how I messed with the graphics controls. Hope this gets fixed soon. I love this game.

Yep same starting 0.9g2 its literally unplayble le-51 as soon as you open the game

When are you going to address the not being able to chose a skill to use with the left mouse button?

From the OP