Beta 0.9c and 0.9d Patch Notes

Thats total the expected behavious of your GPU???

You put load on it, it draws more power, it gets hotter?
What exactly is the issue here?

And what does “high” mean - most modern GPUs have temp targets at around 85 Celcius. So if you put load on them they ramp up frequency till they hit temp or power target (whatever happens first). If you want to get temps lower, reduce the power target or get more cooling …

I third that :slight_smile:

But seriously. I’ve noticed this happens if you target an enemy off-screen that are in the “ceiling” (bats and spiders for example), and if you target an enemy that leaps or used a traversal/mobility skill towards you (those pesky rat leaps or rampaging Ebers for example). I don’t know what else causes it. And Lunge still uses 2 charges at once with the “Double Strike” node.

I’ll have to disagree. The game itself isn’t well optimized yet because of these stats.

I play Insurgency: Sandstorm which is miles more demanding than LE, at 120FPS and i have same usage of LE at 60FPS.

They need to handle these things before expanding the game further.

Something is FUBAR with your setup. There’s no way you should be struggling to break 60 fps. Lol. I’m hitting 144fps with a 2080ti at 3440x1440, ultra on everything. GPU load is only 30%-ish.

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I didn’t say my setup is not hitting that. I can do unlimited FPS even, it can handle it, I just don’t want to play a game like LE and feel like my PC is about to take off to Etera itself, while playing a much more demanding game on 1080p Ultra 165FPS barely makes the fans work (and has absolutely no lag whatsoever)

This issue has been in LE since wayyyy before .9 patch btw.

I bought the game years ago and the problem persists (on different setups)

Edit: just because the game works for you flawlessly (X for Doubt) it doesn’t mean me and hundreds others are reporting the issue for nothing. We report them because we want them to be fixed, not just to say negative things about the game.

When will the huge memory leak issue be looked at ?

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I also reported this earlier in the thread.

The game starts with about 4Gbs, half way my session I saw it yesterday it was 11GBs, and started lagging. (i have 32Gbs RAM too)

Yep, I also have 32gb Ram, game starts at about 2.5 - 3gb within 30 - 45 mins its pushing 8gb…

Although performance is better than it was, it is still not in a very good state.

Ryzen 7
3060 12gb
32gb Ram
PC sounds like its about to take off somewhere, however, hogwarts legacy barely spins a fan.

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Smite works but you have to target him behind his character model. Its annoying but thats a temporary fix

Are you sure you are not using any uniques that block crits?

Not because it was hard. But because his Necrotic explosion no longer corresponds to the visual indicator. This can lead to frustrating deaths. :frowning:

You also haven’t stated what hardware you’re using, details surrounding the issue, etc.

Bug reports of “It’s broke” don’t help. Sincerely, the dude that gets those kinds of bug reports all day.

Don’t be that way. The ‘X for Doubt’ is stupidly dismissive. Here’s my memory usage and GPU usage after almost an hour of playing. GPU Usage is lower in the first screenshot because I didn’t capture the image while in-game. My bad.

So there’s my evidence that I’m not having a memory leak. My memory usage is actually lower an hour into playing. Lmao.

It sounds like your “makes the PC sound like it’s going to take off” comment is indicative of GPU fans kicking in… Going to be a silly question, but you do have ‘Limit FPS’ checked in the advanced settings of graphics, right??? The ‘Maximum FPS’ cap doesn’t work unless you do. Sounds like you don’t and the game is running at as high of an FPS as it can.

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My specs were stated in an earlier comment here which you probably missed.


Again, the point isn’t about arguing, it’s about the game being poorly optimized regardless if it works for you as intended.

Memory leaks happen after some time more than an hour and I think it depends on what you’re doing e.g. monos or Arenas or just random world nodes. (I even saw a streamer have the issue live and he had to restart his game because of it)

Intense GPU and CPU usage happening to me at 165fps limited.

I don’t have any problems playing at 60fps Ultra to avoid the constant whirling of the fans (because I don’t want to draw so much power with the GPU and CPU for a game that’s not even worth the consumption) so I limited at 60fps.

All in all it’s a beta and these things are expected, I hope we see some further improvements to the performance in later patches even before 1.0.

(tl;dr the game, at high FPS, makes my PC feel and sound like I’m playing Red Dead Redemption on Ultra with RTX, and still stutters every now and then)

The point is to try and find common denominators that could lead to a solution.

I’m on an Ryzen 9 5900x, 2080TI, 32GB of RAM and have the game on an NVME also.

I’m now at 3 1/2 hours-ish of farming Monoliths on my tornado lightning bug Primalist and my memory usage is even lower than at launch. :confused:

Protip: Comments like this are just unnecessary. They’re inflammatory and don’t help anybody.

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That’s exactly the point of my discussion :slight_smile: For some, the game works fine, for me (and others) we are having abnormal RAM usage, example below:

I did several hours of gameplay, and now I’m AFK at mono hub, my RAM is 6GBs (And increasing gradually from time to time).

Again, it doesn’t have to be because of Monoliths, maybe its something else, I don’t really know - but 6GBs of RAM when the game starts with ~3.5 is pretty weird, and after more time the game will start lagging and I’ll have to restart it

(because I don’t want to draw so much power with the GPU and CPU for a game that’s not even worth the consumption)

Maybe my wording wasn’t clear, I meant that a game like LE shouldn’t consume or use this much GPU/CPU even if you play it on high settings. Its like comparing Mario with CyberPunk (Nearly :smile:)

I hope this clears things out!

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I came here to show similar RAM usage of over 6GB.
I have to say it was always bugging me that LE use so much of RAM, that’s a lot for this kind of game.
I play on laptop Lenovo Legion y540.
Specs are : Intel Core i5-9300H, RTX2060, 16 GB RAM

Update: It is now slightly above 7GBs.

I will keep using the game to see at what point it starts acting weird in terms of gameplay and update this comment here.

From my testing, RAM usage is directly linked to Quality settings and is usually proportional to the amount of RAM you have available. I have seen this go from as little as 6gb to well over 13gb depending on settings (at 1080p) but from my testing on Windows, this always settles to an average memory usage that fluctuates depending on maps loaded. i.e. loads and unloads memory as you go, sometimes taking a map or two to release previous memory but always averaging back.

I have tested this on previous versions of LE (0.8.5) playing for over 10hours without any issues of weird behaviour or memory leaking beyond the stable average.

The question I have - assuming no memory leak etc or other problem specific to a persons system - why does it matter if the game uses a specific amount of memory to perform appropriately? You are playing the game in foreground and hopefully not running a 3d render in the background or trying to do something else.

My record, shortly after game crashed.

I don’t think that’s the case here because for me, at launch and login, it starts with barely 3.5GBs (Like the images above by @Milkshakes00) and then keeps on increasing without stopping (Now it sits at 8GBs while I’m AFK!)

That itself is not normal, if the game is loading assets I agree, the RAM might increase, but it looks like its not releasing the RAM usage after some time thus it keeps on increasing.

Now to answer your other question:

why does it matter if the game uses a specific amount of memory

Simply put: Some people like to multi-task. If the game is using more than it should, then they won’t have enough RAM to multitask (e.g. Music, Videos, Discord, Browsing, Taking Notes, Recording etc…)