Beta 0.9c and 0.9d Patch Notes

I came here to show similar RAM usage of over 6GB.
I have to say it was always bugging me that LE use so much of RAM, that’s a lot for this kind of game.
I play on laptop Lenovo Legion y540.
Specs are : Intel Core i5-9300H, RTX2060, 16 GB RAM

Update: It is now slightly above 7GBs.

I will keep using the game to see at what point it starts acting weird in terms of gameplay and update this comment here.

From my testing, RAM usage is directly linked to Quality settings and is usually proportional to the amount of RAM you have available. I have seen this go from as little as 6gb to well over 13gb depending on settings (at 1080p) but from my testing on Windows, this always settles to an average memory usage that fluctuates depending on maps loaded. i.e. loads and unloads memory as you go, sometimes taking a map or two to release previous memory but always averaging back.

I have tested this on previous versions of LE (0.8.5) playing for over 10hours without any issues of weird behaviour or memory leaking beyond the stable average.

The question I have - assuming no memory leak etc or other problem specific to a persons system - why does it matter if the game uses a specific amount of memory to perform appropriately? You are playing the game in foreground and hopefully not running a 3d render in the background or trying to do something else.

My record, shortly after game crashed.

I don’t think that’s the case here because for me, at launch and login, it starts with barely 3.5GBs (Like the images above by @Milkshakes00) and then keeps on increasing without stopping (Now it sits at 8GBs while I’m AFK!)

That itself is not normal, if the game is loading assets I agree, the RAM might increase, but it looks like its not releasing the RAM usage after some time thus it keeps on increasing.

Now to answer your other question:

why does it matter if the game uses a specific amount of memory

Simply put: Some people like to multi-task. If the game is using more than it should, then they won’t have enough RAM to multitask (e.g. Music, Videos, Discord, Browsing, Taking Notes, Recording etc…)

If thats the case then it would need to be carefully tested without anything else running on your system for a decent duration while playing LE. Your specific system config would also need to be taken into consideration - e.g drivers, windows patches etc. There are plenty of instances where external factors have caused issues like this with Unity based games. In fact, I think there is a recent Win11 update that is causing instability for players (was mentioned in discord), but this is too new (and without confirmation) to be sure.

I can assure you, that from my own testing, I have no such issues and I have been here for many years playing LE and testing exactly this kind of thing on my old 1060/i5-7500/16gb system. Even my short runs of 0.9 is still showing the same behavious as 0.8.5 wrt to this kind of thing. So this is likely something new, or a new combination of factors previously not experienced.

Without being facetious here, this is a “you” problem. I regularly have netflix running on a second monitor while playing LE and I adjust my expectations and settings to compensate for this requirement. I.e. if I want to do things like this on my hardware spec, then I lower settings to allow for it - I monitor memory , cpu and gpu usage to find a good compromise so that i can run everything I want together. I definitely would not expect my system to run 4k Netflix and 4k LE at Ultra settings - thats obvious an extreme example and impossible on my system but the concept applies.

Remember too, this is a beta and most likely running unneccessary debug code that affects performance and resource requirements.

Anyway. Re the memory issue that you are specifically experiencing - this should probably be put into a bug post with technical details & more comprehensive testing than just watching Task Manager memory allocations.

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Sorry if I am getting repetitive here - I can reproduce this issue with 100% success. I have mapped an additional key, SPACE, to act as FORCEMOVE. If I am holding my alternately bound FORCE MOVE key, SPACE and also cast Warpath - I can then remove all user input (take my hands completely off keyboard and mouse) and I will continue spinning until I am out of mana, and I will even resume spinning once I’ve regenerated enough mana to recast the ability. I suspect the issue stems from this interaction from a client side perspective.