Beta 0.9.1b Patch Notes


  • The waypoint for Crumbling Ruin now unlocks as soon as you complete the Shard quest in the Keeper’s Camp, allowing you to continue the campaign even if the transition to Crumbling Ruin fails.
    • If you have a character that got stuck at the end of Chapter 1, going back to Keeper’s Camp should unlock the Crumbling Ruin waypoint in the Ruined Era, allowing you to proceed.
  • Fixed a bug where making quest progress in a Town, then creating a new offline character could have the quest progress of the new character fast-forwarded to the quest state of the old character.
  • Fixed a bug where Hardcore characters that died in Arena were not forced back to the Character Select screen.
  • Fixed a bug where Hardcore characters that have died were still posting results to the Hardcore Arena leaderboard.
  • Hardcore characters now connect to Standard chat channels after dying.
  • Fixed a bug where Weaver Uniques did not immediately apply their newly gained affixes to the player when added or upgraded by the Weaver.
  • Fixed a bug where creating a Weaver unique with a Rune of Ascendance could cause it to have 0 Weaver’s Will.
  • Fixed a bug where stationary minions such as totems would stop attacking if given a move command via the A key.
  • Fixed a bug where Lethal Mirage’s Rending Darkness would cause mirages to sometimes target the player that cast it, accomplishing nothing.
  • Fixed Stashes in the Keeper’s Camp not having minimap icons.
  • Fixed some of Grael’s voice lines not playing in The Burning Forest in Online mode.
  • Fixed sounds for Lethal Mirage not playing in Online mode.
  • Fixed footstep sounds not playing correctly for summoned Bears.
  • Adjusted some music and dialog mixing for Chapter 1.
  • Added final 2d art for Dedication of an Erased Primalist and Code of an Erased Sentinel.

What We’re Working On


The new Towns functionality was disabled a few hours after 0.9.1 launched yesterday, meaning you will not see other players outside of your party in Town zones.

Our service for processing requests to join Town servers was overloaded with the influx of players after launch, and this caused almost all requests to join a Town to be stuck. We investigated the problem and were unable to find a quick solution to resolve it, so we took down the new Towns system to unblock players.

We have performed a root cause analysis and have a path forward that we are investigating. Our priority is to take our time with this so that the re-launch of Towns is smooth.

Bug Fixes

As always, we are monitoring bug reports. Here’s what bugs we are working on now:

  • Item Linking is not currently working - there is a configuration issue between our testing environment and the live environment that we need to resolve
  • Weaver Uniques being upgraded causes a lag spike.
  • Rarely, a failed attempt to transition to another zone can become completed after loading a different character.
  • The window for reducing corruption in the Sanctuary of Eterra does not disappear after being used.
  • Missing terrain visuals in the Shrouded Plateau.
  • There isn’t a quest marker prompting you to walk to Balthas after defeating Orian and Emberwing in the Summit in Chapter 1.
  • Cosmetics and armor visuals are sometimes invisible (usually fixed by re-equipping or going to the next zone).
  • Echo Completed portals don’t use equipped Portal cosmetics.
  • Epoch Points are always shown as costing USD in the Shop, rather than local currency (the correct price is used when purchasing).

Yay hotfix


Hotfix day, poggies!


Keep it up! You’re doing great :slight_smile:

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Thanks team!

I suspect that while this dialogue is up, you can click the “Lose Corruption” confirmation button multiple times in order to lose much more corruption than you were intending to. I haven’t confirmed yet.


Bam. Nice turn around on some of this stuff! Cheers. :beers:

Just need this fixed and I’ll be a happy man. But zoning tends to be the cause of the issue rather than fixing it in my experience.

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When we will get fix to Abyssal Echoes Myopia node? I think it was reported almost 2 months ago here and it’s still not applying blind.

Great patch notes! And thanks for the clarification on town functionality.

All I can say is my acolyte had 2 left hands for a long time and now it has a right and left hand.

That issue plus not using cosmetic portals in monoliths would make me a happy dude when fixed.


thanks but what about afk timer not considering in-stash clicks and chat typing as activity? That is pretty annoying to see those ‘you will be kicked in… min’ when I just arrange my stash items or type in the chat window. Plz fix it


I have noticed this a bunch the last couple of days, but my character keeps getting stuck as in can’t move for brief periods (1-2 seconds) sometimes. Not stunned, just can’t move at all. Happens randomly, and sometimes when I am not in combat he will just stop moving then zip across the screen. This isn’t lag/rubber banding, it is like he is glued to the ground.

Weird, I haven’t had that on my online solo toon.

What class/mastery are you? Is this purely out of combat or does it occur more often when in combat and using specific abilities? What server do you usually connect to? Do you play with other people? What map tile set does this occur on?

I’ve had slight issues but haven’t had something like that occur, especially out of combat. Most I’ve gotten with something like that is lunge getting stuck back in 0.9, but haven’t checked in since I’ve been playing my necro.

I have been trying out controller lately, and this patch has my sorc acting strange. He does not target fireball correctly when there are mobs coming at you from different angles. He thinks he is a PoE melee build with 0 accuracy, fireballs go in directions that make no sense with respect to where I am aiming.

No mention of the missing waypoint in the Fortress Gardens? I looked for it several times and there are some reports on the forums and discord that mention this. If there is one, it’s at least missing its minimap marker.

What ???
This was one of the main features of the patch!
Also Weaver items causing extreme lag?
This reminds me of the introduction of the Upheaval skill, it was unplayable due to the slowdowns and sound bugs.
I can understand “collateral” damage, but main features of the patch not working?


Memory usage seems higher with 0.9.1+ I had never gotten a LE crash that coincided with an out of memory error before.

Creating weavers now? That is one way to sneak in a new feature in a bug fix, lol. Last known, weaver items drop, not created.